Why Internet Is Important (Fun) on your Mobile Nowadays?

Mobile and Internet? Seems interesting combination right? Well, there is no need of any description related to this. we all know what Internet is? And how it was invented? And all such boring theoretical things. Don’t worry I am not here to discuss anything related to the Evolution of Internet and How it developing and all. This all things are quite common nowadays and even a small kinds know all these things.

But apart from using the Internet on PC/Desktops or the Lappy(Laptops) nowadays the treads is of using the Internet on SmartPhones. this generation is of smartphones with so many smartphones are launching every day and that too some cheaper rates, the day is not far when everyone will have their own smartphone ?? But wait SmartPhone will only be Smart when the word Internet is attached to it.

Without Internet facility or I can say mobile internet your costliest smartphones is just a piece of waste which can do nothing apart from calling and Messaging (ya I know you can watch videos and all) to connect with world through your device you need a Mobile Internet Facilities on your smartphone then only you can share your things on Facebook with your friends and relative, Upload pictures to image serving site, Download games, Watch movie and videos online, Fun and learning and the list goes on and on and on.

Mobile and Internet

Mobile + Internet = Fun

As I have mentioned in the above title that when Mobile meets the Internet the only outcome is pure Fun. should I have to tell you that what you can do with mobile in your hands and that to access to the internet?? not really. The technology is growing so fast that nearly a decade ago we used to say that our world is our PC but now we say our world is in our hand. people can do almost all things from their smartphones, the only required things are :

  • Mobile/SmartPhone.
  • Mobile Internet Facility.

That’s if you are out of this world, you can do whatever you want to and I will be mentioning the advantages of using the Internet on your Mobile phone and why the Internet is Fun on Mobile?

Here is the reason why you should use the Internet on your Smartphones or Mobile Phones (ya I have to write this differently) :

World In Your Hand/Pocket

The title says it all. you can stay connected to your beloved ones from wherever you are in this world through internet. with the technologies like 3G and 4G, you can do a video calling from a far distance and always Stay Connected. can access Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and many other Social Networking site just from your pocket and stay connected with your friends online. Share jokes, ideas, news whatever you want to do just from your pocket and that too using a small electronic device ??

Just Get Lost and Come Back

Sounds odd, well the tone is not like that but what I want to say is if you are going to some unknown place and unluckily you got lost and you don’t know the route to come back so what to do? not to worry you have a smartphone and Internet with you just open an app like Google Map and magic…!!! you will come to know the exact place and location where you are and you can find a route also to reach back home safely. This is all due to your mobile and internet.

Social Life :

We all have our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut and so on. we prefer to stay connected to this site so that we can always stay up to date with our friend’s news and info. With internet on mobile you can 24 x7 stay connected to them, share your photos with them, like their status, comment on it, chatting and setting all can be done through your mobile and that too with internet on it.

Video Calling and Other 3G benefits

We all know what 3G is and in future 4G technology will be there or I can say it’s already there, and the advantages of this technology are so amazing. You can do video calling, video conferencing can experience lightning fast internet experiences on your mobile like never before. Download video, games and much more in just friction of seconds so the use of intent with mobile will surely be going to rise and grow more and more in the near coming future.

Best Mobile Application which Power Up Internet Experience:

There are so many mobile applications are available which just takes the experience of the Internet on the Mobile phone to the next level. with application like m-Indicator (only for Mumbai) you can check the local train timing, route, auto rickshaw fare rate, taxi fare rates, PNR status and much more just from your mobile, so this type of apps are quite handy to have because you never know when you need such app to help you out. There is another app also available for different purposes.

Some Random Stats Related to Internet and Mobile:
  • The number of smartphones doubles every one-two months.
  • 919 Million mobile users in India till March 2012.
  • 59% of people in India access internet from mobile devices.
  • India is worlds 3 largest Internet User country with 121 million users.
  • 881 million cell phone sold till October 2011.
  • Vodafone has maximum numbers of Prepaid customers.
  • In Short Why Internet is Fun on Mobile :
Here are the points why Internet is simply fun on Mobile:
  • Whole world is in your hand.
  • Always stay connected.
  • Unlimited games and downloads.
  • Learning from your Mobile.
  • Video Calling and Video Conferencing.
  • Social Family on the go.
  • Download songs and video.
  • Super fast internet experience.
  • Recharge your mobile online.
  • Best route and navigation facilities.
  • Local information such as hotels, pubs, attractive places to visit.
  • Book movie tickets from mobile.
  • Watch movies directly on mobile.
  • Watch TV on your mobile.
  • and many more.

But with all this you require a good service provide who provides all such service with best User Experience and at Suitable and affordable price, so when you need all this the only names comes in my mind is Vodafone.

Vodafone is quite reputed service provider and has millions of customer all over the world including me too ?? so if you want best Internet experience on your Mobile then you must go for the quality service provider.

So finally if you want to enjoy maximum internet on your Smartphone or Mobile phone then switch to Vodafone for better user experience and best internet facility.

Mobile Phone + Internet on Vodafone = Fun Unlimited.

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