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[Verified] Unlimited JIO Internet – No APN, No VPN, No Proxy – 100% Legal & Legit

 JIO, the growing, and rising day-by-day Network. JIO serving their users from March 2016 free of cost for everything viz., Data, Voice Calls, etc.

There include many offers from starting to till now, including Preview Offer, Welcome Offer & now the Happy New Offer till March but now extended until June but with some conditions.

Now with the daily FUP limit of 1 GB,  which sucks. But anyhow, it’s free, so we do not have to be disappointed but there’s a trick to use Unlimited JIO Internet.
“Nothing Is Impossible”, we all have listened this many time & there’s always an alternate for every problem we encounter, so here is the Legal & Legit way to use Jio’s internet without any limit.

How To Use Unlimited JIO Internet 

You can use Jio unlimited internet within the time span of 2:00-5:00 AM as per Jio’s guidelines, so you can go the either way or,
Now, whose is going to wake up early to use Jio’s Internet just to get rid if that FUP limit of 1 GB, that’s right, so here we have solutions for the problem.
Now, if you don’t want that, you cannot get unlimited internet from Jio full day, but you can only use it within the time period stated above.
If we talk about surfing, 1 GB is sufficient but if we move to downloading, it really sucks.
The solution, you can set up Schedule to that time so your downloading starts at that time when you are sleeping in your beds. Now, the question arises, How to do that?
It’s simple, very simple, just follow the steps.

Unlimited Downloading In Android

To set up Scheduled Downloading in Android, first of all,
  • Download ADM(Advance Download Manager) from Play Store.

  • Go to Settings > Planning & check Download Files.

  • Now, set the time from 2:00-5:00 AM.
  • When you download any file using ADM, your download will start at that time according to the scheduled time you’ve set before.
ADM(Advanced Download manager) Scheduler
Click to enlarge

Now, with this way, you can download unlimited files without using you daily FUP limit of 1 GB.

Unlimited Downloading In PC/Laptops

You can also schedule you downloading in Desktops using IDM(Internet Download Manager).
To do that first you need IDM, read How To Download IDM Full Registered For Lifetime
After you got the Download Manager, open it, &
  • Click Scheduler & check the box “Start download at

  • Now just set the starting and stopping time of the download.

  • Your download will automatically start at that time & it’ll be unlimited.
IDM Scheduler Setup
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So, this way you can go for PC/Laptops. This is as simple as it look.

NOTE: This is only for scheduled downloading, or you have to surf the net manually at that               time.
Enjoy!! Don’t forget to share with your friends!!

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