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Use Your Smartphone As A Mic For Your PC (2 Ways)

 While you may not have a microphone for your computer, chances are that you have a smartphone. There’s the solution to your problem: you can use your Android device or smartphone as a mic (microphone) for your PC/laptop and it’s incredibly easy to set up.

Smartphone As A Mic

Method I

There’s a great website called Wireless Orange that has everything you need in order to get going. The program is called Wo Mic. It requires a Windows program, a driver and an Android app to be installed, but these are all light downloads and won’t consume much space. There is a premium version of the app available, which offers better audio quality, but for general purposes, the free one will do just fine.

Just go to the Wireless Orange site and download both the drivers and program from that site.

Smartphone as a Mic Software

Now after installing the drivers and the program just run the program from your PC/laptop.

Now install Wo Mic for Android from the play store on your device and run it from there.

The app supports connection from your smartphone to your computer using Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB. For the best connection, opt for the wired USB choice. If that’s not possible then go for WiFi, then Bluetooth as the last resort. You can adjust your connection type by going to Settings within the smartphone app.
Now press Start on the app. Then, on the Windows program, go to Connection > Connect…, select your connection type, then hit OK. That’s it! You’re good to go.
You shouldn’t run into any problems, but if you can’t get the microphone to pick up audio, then do a system search for manage audio devices and select the result. Then select the Recording tab, click the connected device and then Set Default.

Method II

Now there is also another way to use your smartphone as a mic and works on all devices.
What you need is just an AUX Cable and your smartphone with your PC/laptop ready formic jack supported.
Now put one side of the cable to your smartphone and other to your PC/laptop mic jack port. Now install an app called Microphone, available on play store, now just click the microphone icon, it will turn red, it means it had started.
Here, head to properties of your sound in your PC/laptop by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray and head to recording devices 

Just enable it by right clicking on the FrontMic option.

Alternate Method

There is also an alternate method for this. You can use your earbuds instead. Just plug it in your PC/laptop mic port and do the same settings by going to the recording devices. 
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