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How to Remove or Unmount SD Card Safely in Android[Quick+Easy]

There is no doubt that you might be using an SD card on your Android devices. You may also know how to unmount SD card? But do you know the safe way to remove it from your Android device?

In older times when I got my brand new Android device, I used to unmount SD card by switching off my phone and remove it. And nothing wrong with that approach, but we don’t know the effects it can give to our SD card.

Although, today’s smartphones have sufficient memory to internal memory. But it is always running out the low of space. Do you know the one-fourth(1/4) memory is occupied by the Android system files? The other are filled by third party apps and our private files and ultimately full.

Now, to overcome these problems, we try to use external storage like SD cards, USB drives via OTGs. When I first have a PC, I did like to copy games and once it is finished I pulled out my USB drive hardly. But one day, my brother told that if you carry on this thing, you might destroy your Pen Drive.

Then he told me how to safely eject the USB drive in Windows. And that’s the only reason everyone suggests to eject the pen drive instead of just pulling it. This thing we understand after when we had loosed our important files.

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The safe mounting and unmounting of the devices will not only prevent you from losing your data. But also lets you to physically remove or disconnect the device safely.

What are Mount and Unmount SD card Safely?

These might be little things to ignore, and you ignore and creates illusions and confusion. You must be thinking it’s a waste of time, but actually, it does not.

The Mounting means that once you’ve inserted the SD card in your device, it must have set up correctly and fully activated and ready to use. Now, your SD card is ready to use files and can read, write files easily.

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Whereas the Unmounting is the reversal of this process, that is, remove the SD card safely without data loss or damage it. If you still ignore the fact after reading this, let take an example what can it lead to.

For example, assume that you’re moving your files(music, photos etc) from internal to SD card memory. Accidently you unmounted or removed SD card, you’ll lose your data at once. But if you had the habit of unmounting SD card safely via proper settings and procedure, like me, your data is safe.

How To Mount SD card Safely?

No, you know the pros and cons of mounting and unmounting the SD card safely in your Android mobile phone. Not in Android but in any device. To make it simple as it is simple, follow the step-by-step guide:

#1 First of all, switch off your mobile phone and gently insert the SD card in the port or space provided.

#2 After it, switch on your device. Now, once the SD card is detected it will show you some setup options.

mounting options

#3 It will you two options, use as portable storage and use as internal storage.

#4 It is up to you how you want to use your SD card. Choose one and tap next.

mounted SD card

It will greet you with the message SD card is ready as you can see in the image above. So, what you waiting for, start using and moving your data as per your wish.

How To Unmount SD card Safely?

Now, if you want to remove your SD card safely without damaging or losing you personal data, follow this guide:

#1 First of all, go to settings.

#2 Scroll down and find the Storage option.

#3 Here, you will see you storage settings, free space, and all such things. There’s also an SD card option, showing you the SD card name(if you are on Android Nougat). Tap the unmount SD card option(Eject Button).

unmount SD card

#4 You will be greeted with confirmation and unmount SD card successfully.

SD card ejected successfully

#5 From the same screen, you can again mount SD card tapping on the option provided.

mount SD card again

Note: Some apps may no longer work, or stopped working because you have installed them on your SD card. The options you are able to see in the images may not match as yours because I am on Android N(7.1). The interface is different but the process is the same, there exist all the options on that same screen only.

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So, that’s all for this tutorial for mount and unmount SD card safely in your Android device. Comment your problems in the comment section below, hope you are doing it right.

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