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Trace Your Cell Phone Location For Free Using Android Device Manager

Have you lost your cell phone? Having problems finding? Then don’t worry this post is for you. If you have lost your phone and want to locate it’s position on google map and want to find the exact location then you are at right place. For this purpose, we are using Android Device Manager and it’s the best application for phone location to find easily. Just grab a cup of coffee and relax…

Find Phone Location Using Android Device Manager

So to find or locate your cell phone just follow these simple steps:

1. First of all, go to play store and install Android Device Manager.

2. After this go to settings-security and Device administrators & check the app to enable.

3.  Open your app for the first time, it will ask your Gmail account, just fill in that with your password.

4. Now if your cell phone gets lost whether it’s location is off.

5. Go to google and search for android device manager
    and open the first link.

6. Now login with the same credentials of Gmail you used in that app.

7. Now just trace your cell phone location and it also provides some feature to ring your phone, lock with the new password and erase your phone data.

So this way you can trace your phone’s location without GPS.


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