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Top Android UI In The Market Based For Android Devices

Android is highly customizable and can be tweaked in all the ways in order to be made better and enhanced. And phone makers have tried their best to make the user experience better in every way they can. Here’s the best Android UI’s industry has come forward with so far.

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1. Oxygen OS.

Oxygen OS
Oxygen OS is developed by One Plus, It is very close to stock Android and it can be counted on for latest android version update faster than any other UI available. It looks and feels same as stock but beneath the surface, One Plus have worked on tweaking it for better performance and battery life. It is highly customizable and has a dark mode which can also save battery on AMOLED screens. Oxygen OS is available for just One Plus devices and running the latest version 4.0.2 on One Plus 3 and 3T.

2. MIUI.

MIUI is infamous beautiful UI designed by Chinese phone makers Xiaomi. It’s look and feels is customizable by themes and they all look seriously good. Not just about looks, MIUI has proved itself to be very good at performance and have multiple options for security and tweaking battery life, managing DATA usage and making your device easy to access. MIUI is also available for other devices as ROM’s now. But the major flaw is that it takes time adding latest features and sometimes it feels like very basic in terms of advancement and have slow updates.

3. Touchwiz.

Touchwiz is one of the most popular Android UI in the world. Developed by Samsung, Touchwiz have always not loved but for the present, it has evolved itself to be lighter and better. It has theme feature enhanced but its bugs, lags, bloatware are pretty annoying sometimes. Apart from that, it is easy to access, have added tons of features and evolving more with time. Updates are not fast, but they depend if the phone is high end or lower end.Battery life seems to have improved a lot, especially ultra saving feature and It is have become very DATA friendly with time and Touchwiz can win hearts in so many excerpts regardless of how it was before.

4. Zen UI.

Zen Android UI

Zen UI is developed by Asus and seems to have earned its respect by a number of features in this lightweight interface that have been found to be most amazing and accessibility. It comes between performance and battery life and even their stock apps are one of the best and advanced we found. It has great battery modes and is a clean and beautiful experience. Zen UI was loved so much that it is also available for Android as a launcher, that works beautifully too. There is very less to complain about it. But updates are slow just like most brand UI’S but it doesn’t matter if UI itself is filled with features.

5. Xperia UI.

Xperia Android UI
Xperia UI is developed by Sony and is exclusive to Xperia devices. It has evolved itself too with time and mostly with devices, It is currently running its latest version in Xperia Z series. It is beautiful, fast and good for the battery, Customizable to limited boundaries but has modes and options that can seriously help to run Xperia devices without any barriers.

So, these were are the best Android UI’s available for Android devices.

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