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How to Speed Up the Samsung Galaxy S6 for Faster Performance

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a phone having CPU Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 and 3GB Random Access Memory. Although it is a very good phone having a great speed, sometimes users have experienced that phone slow down this is because of heavy space is occupied or due to some other reasons. But, don’t worry today I am going to tell you that how you can speed up Galaxy S6 for faster performance.

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Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S6

Here are some solutions with the help of which you can speed up your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Download and Install a launcher:

If you experience that your Samsung Galaxy S6 has become slower then the first solution with the help of which you can make your phone faster is to replace your launcher. Some launchers can make your phone slower too because they occupy a lot of space but some launcher may appear clean and do not carry much space on your phone. Popular launchers are;

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Solo Launcher
  3. Dodol Launcher

Delete Cache:

Sometimes cache on your Samsung Galaxy S6 can fill up folders and can create speed issues on your phone. The cache can make your phone slower. Deleting cache is a simple and easy way to clean up your phone and make your phone faster you can do this simply by deleting cache and experts refer to delete cache on regular intervals. To clear app cache, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off Galaxy S6.
  2. Press and hold Power, Volume Up and the Home button.
  3. You will be taken to the recovery menu.
  4. Use the volume buttons to scroll and highlight Wipe Cache Partition then press the Power button to confirm.


There are a lot of applications on Play Store that can prevent startup of many apps automatically this can speed up your Samsung Galaxy S6. Greenify is a very famous app use to speed up the phone. Greenify is one of the most reliable performance boosting apps on the Play Store.

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Speed up Animations:

To speed up animations you have to follow the steps I am going to show you:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Build Number multiple time.
  3. Go to Developers option.
  4. You will see Window animation scale.
  5. From here you can adjust transition speed.

Delete unused apps:

You can speed up your phone simply by deleting apps which you don’t use normally or at regular intervals. By deleting unused apps you will experience that your phone is performing very well and its speed is increased. Some apps can occupy a huge space on disk which causes the phone to become slower.

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Factory Reset:

Sometimes it is necessary to clean your phone by doing a factory reset, it can speed up your phone. You will lose everything by doing this. The overall process does not take more than 10 minutes.

Today, I have told you that how you can speed up your phone by doing some simple things. By doing all this you can increase speed and performance of your Samsung Galaxy S6.


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