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How to Set an Expiry Date for Google Drive Share Links

Simply set an Expiry Date for Google Drive Share Links to make them unusable after a fixed interval of time to avoid misuse of the files or other security reasons involved, so it is better to set the expiry dates to the Google Drive links you share.

Google Drive is the online storage place for your data and files etc. and by using it you can easily store, manage all your files and other data. Using the Google Drive, you can even share your files online to anyone hence making it easy for transferring data.

To send or to share up the files with anyone, you will have to upload the file to the Google Drive and then get up the sharing link for that file and then send that link to someone for multiple times. Once you have shared that link with anyone, he/she will be able to access your file or data through that share link until that file/data remain in your Google Drive account.

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Steps To set an Expiry Date for Google Drive Share Links:

In case you don’t want that your data should be accessible forever until it has been removed then there is one way through which you can set the expiry date for the Google share links by which the links cannot be used anymore to access your data after the elapsed time that you have set. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

The method we are going to introduce is quite concise and simple, you just have to follow these simple methods and you will enjoy it.


First of all, you will have to open up the “Script Page” on your web browser and then make it work with your Google Drive account. This will be very simple to do as you will be asked for the access to your Google Drive account once you load up the script page on your browser.


Just read up the whole permissions that are required by clicking on the ‘Review Permissions’ button on the script page. Remember to read up the full leaves as these are paramount and greatly related to your account.


After accepting the permissions, you can then use the script page to contact with your Google Drive account


Just select up the file from your Google Drive that you want to share with the link set to Expire after some time. To choose the file click on the ‘Open Drive’ button on the script page and then log in to your Google Drive account and then from there get up the file you want to share.


Now inside the script page only, you will have to fill the email addresses to whom you want to send the selected file and then in the next step on the same page only you can set up the expiry time too.


Once you have set up the expiry time for the share links that the script page has automatically generated for the selected file, your file will be then shared and with the Expiry time feature.

Note: You can also cancel the shared links or you can delete the shared link before the expiry time also by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ option placed aside the shared files details.

So that’s the simplest method by which you can quickly set up the Expiry date for the Google Drive share links and hence you can make your transfers much safer, and also your Google Drive Account as through that links there can be the chances that your Google Drive account could be hacked.

To make sure that you have secure data transfers through your Google Drive you should always set up the Expiry Date for your Share links for your own safety.