Schedule SMS & Messages With Schemes

In our daily life, we do many things. We wake at morning and we plan the works that we have to do through out the day. Social media also plays a major role in our life. We often check Facebook messages, Tweets and send messages to our beloved ones.

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Schedule Your SMS & Social Messages With Schemes

Sometimes we get so busy that we forgot to send birthday greetings to our beloved ones and we will be in a danger position at that times. At that times we think that “Is there any app to schedule my message so that I cannot be in any danger. Yes, there is an app for you. Let’s discuss it, how to use it.

Now at first, we learn…

What is Schemes?

Schemes is an application that is used to schedule your messages via Facebook, Twitter, Email (Gmail only) and SMS. When you want to send your messages at a particular time.

Tomorrow is your friend’s birthday and you want to send your message at 12′ o clock, then you can schedule your message by using this app.


This app requires the size of 4.7 Mb and runs on Android 2.3 version. It is a very user-friendly app and there are no more complications in using this app.

How to use this application?

One can easily use this application. You can write your message and schedule the time for it to go.

You can be busy at that time so you can not send the message at that time, for this simply set the time to the message and rest will be done by this application.

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All you have to do is create a message by tapping on message icon. This takes you to the compose screen where you can type your message to be sent, select recipient and also date and time.

Setting date and time is also easy and messages can be scheduled to four networks simultaneously. You will receive a notification message indicating the time you have sent your message. You can also edit your time and also cancel the message.

To schedule your social messages, you have to connect your app with your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.
This application is safe and secure to send messages and it will store your messages in a thread form and they will be posted according to your schedule.


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