Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Are you tired of to reduce mobile data usage in your Android device?

Well, there’s no doubt that Android is expert in managing mobile cellular data and boost up your data savings. But being the most used and popular mobile OS, users always intend to complain of more data usage.  And the only thing increasing their internet cost.

Increasing features of smartphones and data-hungry application making their way into. An ever-increasing amount of apps and backgrounds services need access to the Internet. Many people using smartphones face the problem with their mobile data usage in Android.

The reason is Android have many inbuilt services which use your cellular data in the background. There is no such a thing to reduce cellular data usage until you are not using Wi-Fi. But there are ways you can minimize it without voiding the user’s experiences.

If you not on the location where you cannot use any nearby Wi-Fi, and In case you have to use your low amount of data. You always find yourself throttled at the worst time, but what to do?

Now you can, In this tutorial, I will be showing you the ways to reduce and minimize your internet data usage. First of all, ask yourself a question, what uses data in cell phones? To fetch you out of this problem, there are many lite apps are coming into the market, like FB Lite, Google web light etc.

What is Background Data?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what is background data? why my mobile using data in the background? You should’ve asked. Now, how and what uses our data in the background? Have you ever noticed, whenever you turn on your cellular data, notifications comes into your status bar?

Many notifications come about updates, messages, and things like that. When your device come in connection with the internet, they are like very hungry and haven’t got food for days. So, do you need unlimited plans?

The answer is No.

How much data do you need?

You have the top up your mobile with a huge data plan, but is that needed? Our biggest mistake is that we don’t ask questions. Even you don’t ask yourself. Let’s come back to the topic.

You, always, overestimate your data plan or internet data usage every time. But the true fact is you really don’t need it. Yes, it is hard to make it properly and exactly how are much data we need?

Use the tool AT&T’s Data Calculator to take a rough idea of how much data do you need and what your data usage is.

How To Check Your Data Usage?

Before doing anything else, you should check your internet/cellular data usage. It’s not difficult or needs any technical skill to find. If you don’t know how much data do you need and how much data you use? Then how will you minimize or reduce your mobile data usage?

As I told above, to get a rough idea of how much data do you need and what’s your data usage? use that tool. But the easiest way to find you Android device data usage until now is to check manually. You can always check your usage in your device settings.

  • Go to settings>data usage
  • Tap on cellular data usage.

Mobile Data Usage

Here you can check your cellular data usage over the monthly cyclic process. Under it, there will be the apps using the data throughout.

monthly data usage

Now, when you have an idea of your data usage, you can also set the Cellular Data Limit as a warning. Once set, your data will be automatically turned off by your device and you’ll be unable to use your data.

data usage limit

Setting data warnings and alerts help you monitor your mobile data usage. Android 4.0 and higher are able to set the limits for the data usage from device settings. For higher version, Android 7.1, the interface may change but the process remains the same.

Android also provides the data saver feature that comes inbuilt. And using this feature you can easily restrict the data access to the apps. Let’s see what this feature do?

How to Restrict the Background Data?

Some apps will also come into play which you don’t need everytime but necessary. These apps use and eat up all your data in the background. First, enable the Data Saver from the Settings.

  • Go to settings
  • Select the data usage option and tap on Data Saver.

I am using Android N(7.1), so the interface may change and yes, there’s different feature from all the lower versions. But restricting the background data is available for Android 4.0+ versions. Now, after you’ve enabled the settings, tap Unrestricted data access. Here you will find the apps which have access to use the data in the background.

apps using background data

Select the apps according to your choice and need. You can also select the system apps by tapping the three vertical dots from the right upper corner. It will display the system apps also.

In lower version, there will an option for restricting the background data from the data usage screen. Simply tap the three vertical dots from the right upper corner of the screen.

Restrict/Limit the Background data, app by app

If not possible to access apps from the data usage menu, you can also restrict/limit data by going app by app. For Android Nougat users,

  • Go to settings
  • Tap Apps
  • Choose the app.
  • Restrict or restrict the app from this screen, enable or disable the Background data.

app by app usage

app by app data restriction

If you don’t have Android Nougat(7.1), you have other fewer options. Go to the notification panel of the app you want to limit or reduce mobile data usage for. See if there are any data usage options available. If not go app by app and limit the usage, there are some apps who don’t have this option. But almost every social media app has this option like Facebook and Whatsapp.

For WhatsApp – Go to settings by tapping the three vertical dots, and data usage. Here you can set things up like downloading your media and files automatically for Cellular network and Wi-Fi.

whatsapp data saver

For Facebook – Open the Facebook app and tap on Data Saver option at the bottom of the menu. After that, your app will use the data at its minimalist.

fb data saver

Save Mobile Data Using Apps

There are several, hundred apps instead for saving and boost up the internet usage. As many apps available on Google Play Store, choosing the right app may be difficult. So, the app which I recommend you is DataEye

This is one of the best apps on Google play for reducing your mobile data usage. This app has a very good rating of 4.4 and over 1 million of downloads.

Once you’ve installed it on your device, open it. You will see a bar disabled, enable it. Now, if your device already has a VPN installed it will use that. But, In case not installed, it will ask you to install. You can either install it or openly use this app if you don’t want to add some more apps.

Reduce Mobile Data Usage Using DataEye App

But using the VPN(Virtual Private Network) may lead to increase internet speed. And of course, save you cellular data.

So, doing this all is enough?


Other ways to Reduce Mobile Data Usage

The above methods we discussed may not available for all the devices and versions. So, we need to take care to reduce mobile data usage for other things also. So what are these ways, let see.

#1 View the Mobile versions of Website – As an SEO factor to make website more search engine friendly and enhance user experience to grow their blogs traffic and earn more. What needed is a mobile version of the blog or website. Almost all blogs use AMP for their pages and themes which are responsive for search engines. So, if possible use them when surfing the web, there will a possibility to less data usage.

#2 Don’t clear your cache – Do you have a habit of clearing your browsing data and cache every time? You must change it if you love your internet data and to use it for a longer time. Cache are the small files which website stores so that if a user comes back, they uses it to restore things. Which increase page loading speed of the website and the user also like it when the site loads faster than ever.

#3 Use text-only browsers – There are other browsers available which are best optimized for less data usage like which I use is Opera Mini. It comes with a lot of features inbuilt like Ad Blocker, Data Saver, Image Optimization, Video Boost etc.  Which make me fell in love with this app.

If you use Google Chrome, there also a Data Saver option available, so use that. It is called Google Web Light which when enabled saves data. And for slower connections, it works like charm.

Google Chrome Data Saver

Many Android users have a habit of using Google Chrome as their primary browser. I also use it as my primary, for some works but always uses Opera Mini on my Android device. To enable the data saver option in Google Chrome,

  • Open Chrome.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots from the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings>Data Saver by scrolling down to bottom.
  • Tap On button to enable it.

chrome data saver settings

chrome data saver

That’s all for the Google Chrome.

#4 Use Offline Modes, If Possible – Whether you want to enjoy or entertainment online videos, music. Do it offline by saving it once. This will help you reduce mobile data usage as well as it will be economic for you. For YouTube, save video offline so In case you want to see them later. Or simply use YouTube Go app. For this tutorial, I will recommend to install it start using it, soon I will write an article about YouTube Go or I will update this post with some links to gain more information about it.

#5 Purchase your favorite apps(No Ads) – You often use free app. But have you ever paid attention to the ads they are serving with? These ads are often given by the free apps you use. Developers also need my money so they make paid versions of the apps also. So, buy the apps which are your favorite or you cannot live without. These will be ad free and thus help you reduce mobile data usage.

By following these tricks and ways you can simply reduce mobile data usage by cutting down your internet bill. You often use your cellular data as your primary surfing connection, try these recommended settings.

Final Words

These above methods, ways, tricks may help you reduce mobile data usage. Use you internet data when needed instead for turning it on uselessly. Try and use the Wi-Fi if possible nearby you. Android is more than an OS but contains more powerful things you don’t know about.

If you know other methods which can help save or reduce mobile data usage, tell me via comment.

Do share it with your friends, let them also save their internet bill.


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