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5 Ways to Use Flashlight on Android Quickly

A flashlight is most of the basic thing comes with your mobile phones. Indeed, we often use flashlight having a torch in our homes. You might be thinking to turn on the flashlight, what?


I know you already know how to turn ON the flashlight on your Android device. But the task is in how many ways you can do that?

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Quick Ways to Use Flashlight on Android

So, here are the 5 quick ways to use the flashlight on Android easily. Turning on the flashlight is the easiest and usual way to light it up by tapping buttons on status bar.

Let’s take a look!

#1 From Status Bar/Notification Panel

The feature of turning ON the flashlight is available on Android Lollipop and above but not for previous versions. So, if you are running on Android Lollipop or higher, you can do it simply.

First of all, turn on your phone, pull down the status bar as usual you do for other purposes. Now, here you’ll see the Flashlight option, just tap on it to turn ON the light on your Android device.

Turn ON Flashlight using Status Bar

It is very simple and you might be thinking that I am very stupid that I am telling this thing what we already know.

Yes, you are right but it is the basic way and must be included before telling the other ways.

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#2 Turn ON Flashlight From Lock Screen

Doing so on your Android phone, you must have Android version below 5.0. Yes, as the Android update rolls up, Android smartphones lost its ability to put widgets on lock screen. And using those widgets we can simply turn ON the flashlight by just one tap.

But, to do the same, we don’t need to downgrade and neither you will. We can turn on the light using this simple trick.

First, lock your phone if not locked. Now tap the power button once. Here you will have an option for Camera, just open the camera and here you can use flashlight tapping on the option provided.

Turn ON Flashlight Using Camera

This feature is not applicable to all devices because some devices need to open lock first. Then only allows you to open the Camera Apps.


#3 Using Apps

Just like the other messenger apps and Android games, there are apps for the flash light of your Android mobile. If you don’t want to open you mobile and pull down the bar and then doing it. There’s the easy way doing it with just one tap which can be accessed by your volume buttons.

QuickClick is the best app for quickly turning ON the flash light. You can use the different combination for turning ON the flash light using this app. Instead of just flash light, there are more features packed into it which can make you work faster and easier.

You can:

  •  take a photo or a video
  • run Google Voice Search
  • run music actions: next or previous song
  • toggle flashlight on and off
  • record an audio
  • make a call
  • start a message
  • launch a Tasker task
  • start any of your apps or shortcuts!

Also, it is very easy to configure.

  • Choose an Action.
  • Configure an Action.
  • Set the clicks sequence.
  • Configure the Action settings.

Not this app but there are several apps for just this purpose(turning ON the flash light). Simply search on Google Play “Flashlight” and you’ll come to know more.

#4 Using Gestures

Well, gestures are best associated with new devices running on Android Lollipop and higher. If your device supports gestures, there must be an option for turning ON the flash light. But if there is no option like gestures, don’t worry we have apps for this job to do.

LED Genius is the best app for turning ON the light using gestures. There is no need to unlock your lock screen to turn ON the flash light. Just shake your phone from the unlock screen to activate the LED flash light.

Flashlight LED Genius


  • Lighting via LED flash
  • Lighting with the screen as lighting source (compatible with all phones without LED)
  • Ability to configure the color of display lighting
  • Widget to automatically activate the torch (LED flash or screen)
  • Ability to turn on the LED light flash from the unlock screen by shaking the phone
  • We developed a repair system to make the flashlight work on different phones!
  • Android shows you when the shake detection is active.

Or you can use Shake Flashlight app. [Download]

#5 Using OK Google (Google Assistant)

This will work best if your device supports Google Assistant. You must have Android Marshmallow or higher to get Google Assistant or download Google Beta app from Google Play Store to use it.

Once you have the assistant, open up the Google Assistant or launch Google app. Or set the Voice with OK Google so that you can use it from any screen, ON or OFF.

Now, you have the Assistant ready to help you, just say “OK Google“, it will start listening to you. Here, say “Turn ON the Flashlight“, it will turn ON the flash light for you.

Turn ON Flashlight Using OK Google

So, these were some of the awesome and quick ways to use the flashlight on your Android smartphones.

Do share your experience in the comment section, share if you like.