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How To Open Closed Tab – Accidentally Closed Tabs In Chrome

Well, it happens a lot of time with me. I don’t know yours. It may be your favorite page or very important one you are working for. I many times accidentally closed tabs I used to work because of immediacy or a sudden shutdown. I probably didn’t know how to open closed tab (tabs).

But one day, I was working on my blog and I used to work on PC. The light is down that time and voila, shutdown my PC. I don’t know what happened, I lost my work and I have opened many tabs which help me a lot in writing and editing. Maybe I am handling computer faster. 🙂

But, because of Google Chrome, I have taken a relaxing breath when it asked for restore closed tabs. It pop-up that Chrome didn’t shut down properly. So, I reopened them from there.

Many times you accidentally close tabs but don’t know what are they? How to open those closed tabs again.

So, in this tutorial, I am gonna show you some of the ways you can restore or open closed tab in Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer.

How To Open Closed Tab In Browsers

Now, this closing open tabs accidentally is a common problem and we are humans and make mistakes sometimes. The Google Chrome does not have the tab overflow feature which is available on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you are like me, open many heavy tabs simultaneously, you might have the same problem. But here’s how to resolve it.

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If you haven’t cleared or removed your browsing history then you are safe to reopen it. But if it’s gone that nothing can work.

NOTE: There are only two ways to open closed tab. First by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+T” or right-clicking the tab bar and selecting “Reopen closed tab” or by reloading the browsing history. The process remains the same in every browser, but the interface may differ.

Important: The process remains the same in every browser, but the interface may differ.

Method #1

It is the simplest step for opening the closed tabs. As I said above, open Google Chrome and just press “Ctrl+Shift+T“. And it will retrieve all the open tabs. Or you can right-click on the tab bar and select “Reopen closed tab“.

Open the closed tab by pressing key combination "Ctrl+Shift+T"

Method #2

The other method is by reloading your browsing history. Whatever you have browsed on your browser, it is recorded. We all know this. You can always get an idea of what you have opened earlier and then you can open closed tab by again surfing them.

First, tap on the three vertical dots and go to history. Now select the link you want to open and that’s the one you closed accidentally or recently opened tab.


Open Closed Tab From History

Now, the same you can do with any browser. It can be Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera or any other. The option is available in all the current browsers.


Open Closed Tabs In Firefox

Internet Explorer

The same applies here also.

Open Closed Tab In Internet Explorer

This way the combination and options are same in Opera and Safari. As I said above, the interface may change but the process will be the same.

That’s it. I hope you now are able to reopen/open closed tab in your browsers.

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