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How To Get More FPS Making Game Smoother – No FPS Lagging

As a gamer, it is difficult to play the games at low graphics and playing games at poor fps because playing games on an outdated PC is just like listening to a music with scratched records. The thought “How To Get More FPS” always remains. So here are the ways by which you guaranteed can increase your fps and boost your gaming experience.

How To Get More FPS When Gaming

Update Graphic Drivers
So first of all the basic unit, you must have an updated graphic drivers, and this increase your gaming experience by 10%

To do that just right click on your PC shortcut on the desktop and click Manage. Go to Device Manager and Display Adapters and select your GPU and heat to properties and check for updates.

2. Now set your PC to adjust for best performance. As I have shown in my previous post “How To Speed Up Our PC/LaptopsSo you can see from there.


3. Always set your Pc resolution to lower to increase your fps, 1280×720 is best but you can also try 800×600.

4. Also, use this resolution for your games (800×600).

5. Optimize your games settings from NVIDIA Control Panel

6. Always use Razer Game Booster

You can download it from here. After installing it and sign up using your Gmail account and play your games using this.

And now the last one is only for those who are using NVIDIA graphic card. You can optimize your games to an advanced level using nvidiaInspector

That’s it. for “How To Get More FPS”

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