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Make Computer Faster Insanely Installing O.S(Software) In Tricky Way

We all have computers and laptops for our private work. It can be office work, designing, or gaming. I have heard many times that my computer is slow, how to make computer faster?

My neighbour friend always asks for help. They ask How To Make My Computer Run Faster? And the reason being playing games. To play games you need to have an advanced PC but can be boost performance by installing the operating system in any possible tricky way?

The reason might be that you are using pirated apps which are cracked or patched. There is no harm using them, but using in an ambiguous way is what affects the computer.

So, today I am gonna show you how you can tweak your computer in every way possible? From basics to advanced and from installing Windows in the best and tricky way.

You can be technically sound but due to some lacking, you cannot take the full power of Windows.

Can you do this?

Yes, for sure you can make your Windows computer run faster just like new! 🙂

How To Make Computer Faster

Making your slow computer(PC) work like charm is the most asked question on the web. And there are many articles posted. They show you the way you can actually boost your PC performance.

I might be showing some of them because the method works but also be showing the unique way out!

1. Installing The Right Version Of Windows(O.S.)

What? Don’t you have the right version of the Windows? Then what you are working on from your past days?

You might be having latest hardware with advanced technologies but still your computer/laptop lags. Some of have the medium spec PC and other are having a low-end system.

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But first, let me tell you a small story. One day I was in a laptop showroom for buying a laptop for my blogging work. I also have a PC which works well and what I have done with that is the reason I am writing this article.

So, when I finalise everything about specs, hardware, and all that jazz. The final point of installing the operating system comes. And I simply said that I want Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. The moment I said everyone looking at me like I am an alien.

Then, suddenly the owner said that you are in 21st century and everyone like the new things coming in markets. So, why don’t you install Windows 10 on your laptop?

But my intentions are clear and I simply replied I want only Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1(Service Pack 1).

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate

If you can have a look at Windows 7 vs Windows 10, Windows 10 wins because of its features. And this is what we all want. But I go with Windows 7 because the performance is better than Windows 10. And for the medium spec, Windows 7 is best and we can also optimise it for any type of requirements.

I will tell you later in this post that how can you optimise Windows 7 for the best. You can check your Windows version by right clicking on the disk drives screen.

2. Maintained Disk Partition

Above I was telling you about Windows 7 and its performance. But installing the right version of Windows isn’t the only way. There are some other things to look at.

…and disk partition is one of them. Now, what so much important in the disk partition?

As again, talking about the same example we talked above. I said to make only two partitions of hard disk space in the ration 2:3.

For example, if you have 1TB hard disk, the possibilities may be that you have more partitions than two. It may be 3 or 4. So, try to get only two partitions as 400GB(C drive) to one and 600GB(D drive) to another.

This is the only hard disk lacking speed reason that your computer won’t run faster. It copies the files slower, the read and writes speed decreases. And you also have noticed this thing. Make sure you follow this trick to boost speed and performance of your computer.

3 Installing 3rd Party(Pirated/Cracked) Softwares

You have done the above two steps to make computer faster, now what? Is there are any other things left, we have already read about other tweaks on other sites.

Yeah! Right.

But the way and executing the right step at right time is also needed.

After you have successfully installed the Windows and partitioning is also done. Check to install the right drivers which your hardware supports. What you can do is that contact your publisher or from where you have bought the computer.

Or install them on our own, if you have the right drivers like Sound, Graphics, USB and other sorts of drivers. You can also check the drivers online.

  • Right click on Computer icon from the desktop and select “Manage“.
  • Next, click on the “Device Manager” and you’ll see the item of your hardware. From here you can choose and install drivers from this screen.

Install Drivers via Internet

  • Now, Right click on any hardware and there must be an option for install/update. From here, you can easily install drivers from the Internet without worrying about anything. In my case, Graphic Card(Display Adapters).

Right Click To Install Drivers

Once done, install the other pirated/cracked Softwares like IDM, Screen Recorders etc. This depends upon the working needs of the person. If you have any other patched Softwares, it is the time to install them.

4. Install Antivirus

Now, this is the right time to install Antivirus. The reason behind installing the Antivirus at the end is the behaviour of the Antivirus. Antiviruses has modules and instruction which interferes with many processes you had above.

For example, I was installing the VLC media player and I have already installed the antivirus. When I played a song using the VLC player, the sound is disabled. I checked and make sure that the audio drivers were installed right. Is the volume of the Computer which is muted or not? But everything is fine. Then suddenly I remember that there is a pop-up by Avast(Antivirus which I use) for the VLC.

And when I checked the audio file are deleted by Avast. So, make sure you install the Anti-Virus at the end to avoid these problems.

Do check your performance after setting up these things. The performance must be increased and helps make computer faster. I myself realised this thing started writing about this trick.

Optimise and Make Windows Faster

As I told above, Windows 7 is highly customizable and can be tweaked for gaming, graphic designing, performance. And there are the only things you must have read on other’s blog.

Here I am showing you some of the tweaks in short and compact way as you have already read on other blogs.

Adjust for best Performance

Windows 7 can be adjusted according to your needs and choices. You have to find how to tweak it in almost all the ways possible disabling visual effects. Visual effects are not so important and eat up your Computer memory(RAM).

To disable:

  • Go to system screen or Control Panel>System, right click to open properties and select “Advanced System Settings“.

Advanced Settings To Make Computer Faster

  • In the Advanced tab, select the “Settings” under the performance and select “Adjust for best Performance“, click Apply and OK.

Adjust for best Performance

Remove Unwanted/Unnecessary Softwares

We all have many Softwares installed in your computers, I have almost 50 software to help in my work. These may add some value to our work and some are just for fun and others are pirated. But also, there exist some software which is unnecessary and you might not be using but installed in your computer.

These are no longer needed so why don’t you remove them?

You can easily remove those unwanted Softwares going to the “Uninstall or remove a program” option from control panel. Removing these Softwares help us make computer faster than ever.

Once you there, right click on the application and select “Uninstall“. That will be removed completely from your PC.

Look at the image below:

Remove Unwanted Softwares and Make Computer Faster

These “Microsoft Visuals” are installed repeatedly but only want the updated version. So, you must remove these type of applications.

Disk Cleanup and Defragment

Now, these are some of the important tips to make computer faster insanely because they free up space. Add more RAM memory to your system without ruining them into waste applications and data which is not at work.

What does it mean by Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragment?

For example, you are in a room where all the things are scattered like bullshit. Think of yourself the condition at that time there. But once you place everything at his place in an orderly manner, giving appropriate arrangement. It will look free with almost space which is free.

And the same way it works, it replaces files in an arrangement, thus cleaning and free up some space. This space is really much so that you can install an application on your computer.

Disk Cleanup Disk Defragmenter

For disk cleanup, simply right click on the disk drive to start using it. And from start menu search for disk defragmenter tool.

Closing Programs and Services

As I told above that removing unwanted Softwares increases your computer performance. The same way closing unnecessary programs and closing the services you don’t need also add RAM to your computer.

Open task manager and go to services tab and close those programs and services.

Stop the Services


So, what you do? what can you do? Just do to optimise your PC and make computer faster in every way possible. Stop the services, remove unwanted programs, free up some RAM.

And most importantly, follow the steps to Install The Right Version and Disk Partition in the right way. This thing you’ll not get to know anywhere else. 😉

It all about “Make Computer Faster Insanely Installing Softwares The Right Way “

Enjoy! Remember to share with your friends.

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