How to get iPhone Emoji Keyboard on any Android Device (Free)

iPhones are the most amazing product of Apple. And who doesn’t like it?

Everyone likes Apple and iPhone.

But there’s something which differs Apple from Android, a lot of things. But still, many people love Android and some Apple. It is just the matter of choices and flavor.

Emojis is one thing that we all use widely on social media. I have already shown how you can get latest Android O emoji on any Android device.

Now, it’s high time to show you how you can do the same for iPhone Emoji Keyboard.

iPhone Emoji Keyboard For Android

Let’s start. Follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Download the app from the video’s description.
  • Now, install the application on your Android device.

App Installed

  • Open the app, it will ask you to configure the emoji keyboard settings.

Setup Wizard Configuration

  • Allow the app to configure and apply settings as per the app’s need. I am showing you some images to demonstrate how the settings look like.
  • Tap on “Get started“.

Emoji Gesture Typing - Get Started

  • Enable iPhone Keyboard in settings.

Enable In Settings

  • Select the keyboard as an input.

Enabling In Settings

  • Switch Input Methods.

Switch Input Methods

Select “Emoji Keyboard“.

Choose Input Keyboard

iPhone Emoji Keyboard Configuration Finished

  • Choose the white iPhone Emoji Keyboard.

Select The White iPhone Emoji Keyboard

  • Start using the iPhone keyboard.

Start Using iPhone Emoji Keyboard on Android

That’s it. The video is provided below, go through it. Here’s the direct link to the video.


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