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How To Upload And Download Instagram Pics On PC Fast [With Images]

Instagram, one of the best social networking site like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has millions of users in today’s date and third largest social network in the world.

We always use Instagram in our smartphones but never thought of running it on your PCs and laptops. But one day you are using your PC and thought to do the same, but unable to upload and download any pics or photos from your PC. Now how to save instagram photos?

There are many apps on Play Store with which you can download Instagram pics easily but you can’t in PC.

So, here is the method you can Upload and Download Instagram Pics and Photos From PC.

How To Save Instagram Photos From PC

Saving or downloading pics from Instagram is easy if you are using Google Chrome.
Without wasting time, let’s see how we can do this.
  • First of all, log in to your Instagram account
  • Search for the Pic or Photo which you want to save or download by searching or any method. In my case the “TechsMyWay” header.
  • Right-click on the image and select “View page source”

Right Click On The Image To View Page Source
  • Press ctrl+F and search for “.jpg” and copy the first URL which comes.
Copy The First URL Which Comes
  • Paste the URL in the new tab and just save the image or photo by right clicking.

How To Upload Photos On Instagram From PC

As downloading is easy, uploading photos from PC is also easy, there can be many ways to upload from PC but I will tell you only one method which is very easy and doesn’t give any trouble.

Follow these steps:

  • Download this Software from here
  • .Open the Software and sign up using your e-mail & Instagram Credentials.
Download & Sign Up For Gramblr
  • After this, you will be in your dashboard.
  • Select the Pic or Photo which you want to upload.
Select A Pic or Photo To Upload
  • Now crop your image or photo using mouse cursor and click “Save”

Now Save Your Photo
NOTE: **The Save icon will turn Green so then only saving will work.
  • Add some filters to your photo or pic if you want to add some.

  • Click “Continue” and your pic is uploaded.
Tap Continue To Upload To Instagram
Now check your Instagram Profile, this pic must be there. 
So, this way you can upload and download Pics, Photos or Images on Instagram Using your PCs and Laptops. This app is also for Mac and these methods will also work for them also.

Alternate Methods To Upload Pics From PC

No doubt these methods are fine but there also some other tricks and ways to do the same. But I recommend you to use these methods only.
There are more methods you can do that and are:
Bluestack App Player: if you know about this, very good, you can also use Bluestacks to upload pics to Instagram. This is a Software for running android apps on PCs, and a great tool for testing various tricks on our PCs.
There is also one other Software which works the same as Bluestacks is Intel AppUp Center, you can also use this.
These both will help you save Instagram photos from your PC>
Yes!! there are some more methods and ways but these are effective and easy so use these as they are working without any error.
Feel free to share & comment and give me feedback about this post or having any problems spit them out in the comment box.

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