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How To know If Someone Has Blocked You on Facebook

Have you ever blocked on Facebook? Getting blocked on Facebook is not fun for anyone. And who likes to make its fun blocked by others? One of the great features, Facebook let you block you block anyone who you don’t like and annoy so much. But how do you know if someone blocked you on Facebook?

Facebook makes the act of blocking as a serious matter, to ensure its users’ safety. Blocking on Facebook means cutting all wires connected to you.

For example, if someone has blocked you on Facebook, you will no longer be able to see his/her posts, tags, mentions and other things. What if you are finding your friends and didn’t find them in your list? The possibility may be he/she has deactivated their Facebook account. Or they may have blocked you.

However, a bit of detective work is needed to find out that it is true(block on Facebook). You can easily determine whether they have blocked you on Facebook or not.


What you will get in this tutorial of “how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook” and what are the methods:

  • Search Results(Simply Searching on Facebook)
  • Finding in Mutual Friends section.
  • Using Timeline posts.
  • Checking Old Conversations.
  • Try to report spam or abuse.
  • Graph API.
  • Facebook Activities.

Know If Someone Blocked You On Facebook

Now, to counter-act you need to find out and confirm the case. In this tutorial, you’ll be able to find the ways so that you can discover are you really blocked or not?

Search Results

Know If Someone Blocked You On Facebook using Search

If someone has blocked you, rather cutting all wires or discontinue relation, you need to search for him/her. First of all, log in to your Facebook account. After, search for the person you have doubt on, if the person is coming in search results, it means it hadn’t blocked you. Now, after trying the searching, the names is not coming, see all results.

Now you got the person, but not sure. Look if some Add Friend option is available or Message. The truth is he/she has unfriended you. Likewise, the other reason may be the deactivation of the account. Or changed their username. You can also try searching for that person if logged out. But the chances are you can’t find the exact person in the results.

Try the stalkers way, what this? Simple trick. Try to search the same person using different accounts, you can ask your friend for this task. If the person is not showing up in the results then that person mush have deactivated his/her account. If coming in the search results, dude you are blocked.

Mutual Friends

mutual friends list

Mutual friends are generally found. They may be your friend’s friend or your relatives or anyone. Mutual means same between the two or more or simply in a group. You know the person was added to your friend’s list also whom you are also added. Catch up with your friend, ask him whether its profile is showing from your side. You check the friend’s page of your friend going to his/her profile and check the mutual friend section. Now if it is not showing there too, its the deactivation of the Facebook account.

And if showing, again saying, you are blocked. But don’t be so sure enough, you must check all the factors before confirmation.

Timeline Posts

timeline post

If you know some posts they shared or tagged you, or posted on their timeline, search for them. Or simply find them on your timeline scrolling down to your previous dates. One thing you can do is, check out your activity log as because you must have liked or commented. What have you done until now will be saved on you activity log and only you can see it.

To open your activity log, tap your username from the upper side of the main home screen. Talking simply, It’s going to your profile section. Now, there will a tab for View Activity Log. But the posts will be still available and you can see them. If you have been blocked, the profile picture will be replaced by a question mark. And you know if someone blocked you on Facebook is that person only.

Check Messages/Old Conversations

Check in the messages if you have any conversation with the person. The messages will be still available but if that person has blocked you, you won’t be able to start a new conversation or send new messages to them. You may also check its profile via messages option. If the name is black(bold) and cannot be clicked, that means he/she has definitely blocked you. And also, their names will be renamed as Facebook User.

In a nutshell, we can say that you’ll bot be able to send messages to him/her and get errors in response.

Reporting Spam or Abuse

Another way to figure out if someone blocked you is try to report spam or abuse. You can do this by opening a new conversation as told above. But here you don’t have to send messages to check but make a report. There is an option in the upper right corner for reporting. Just click on the gear icon(settings) and at the end, you’ll see the report option. Try to make a report by saying it a spam. Just chose “Report one or more participants in the conversation for harassment or threats, or to have a compromised account”

report abuse on Facebook

And when you do, it gives an error saying “Operation Prohibited”. That means you are blocked.

Using API Graph

Graph API is a tool by Facebook which provides some information about any user, pages, groups etc. Using this method, you can figure out whether the profile is active or not. This method works well when you never exchanged messages or any conversation. You can directly find out the person’s profile.

Whenever you try to look for someone’s profile directly from Google, it gives the error like “The Page you requested was not found”. This happens when we try to search from outside the Facebook. To use this, visit the link, or ID


IDis the 15 digit number which comes in the URL of your profile. And you already know the username of the person who blocked you on Facebook.

If the photo can be seen, that means he is active and just blocked you.

But this works previously and now it shows the error,

FB ID Error

So, you need to go directly to Graph API Explorer to access the token. Go from here.

Activities On Facebook

To really know if someone blocked you on Facebook, the best way and the working till today is keeping an eye on that person’s activity. Check out the groups that person has joined, the pages he/she liked and all Facebook activities. It may include posting on the timeline, changing their Facebook profile picture, commenting and all such things.

The only way to interact with that person is the mutual other things joined on Facebook like groups. Check whether the same problems are coming here also and then only conclude that he/she has blocked you.


To sum up all the things together, I can say that with these tips you can easily find out the block you’ve got. You are here reading this article can be because you are blocked by your Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Yaa, you need to take care where the problem is coming and yes you need it.

To socialize, Facebook is just a social media network, don’t let it break your relations. So, that all for the tutorial “how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook“.

If you know more tricks, do share it in the comment section.

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