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How to Get Latest Android Emoji In Any Android[Android O Emoji]

Well, this is known fact that emojis play a very important role in our social media life. Increasing day-by-day engagement to social media like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat. Getting more followers and friend requests is like what all is needed to them. Android Emoji thus plays a crucial part in expressing our mood swings and emotions.

Almost all social media networks provide their own inbuilt emojis but not very effective. And some users want additional like Messenger does.

As per increasing demands of Android smartphones we need more Android applications and resources. So crawling for that cute and amazing emojis which is more cooler than previous, you’ll get it soon.

Talking about Google Emoji, we already have but do you have the latest ones?

Undoubtedly No!

There are many apps available on Google Play for getting additional Android or Google Emojis. There also exists many keyboards like Swift Keyboard which provides extra benefits.

But we want extraordinary, so here are the Latest Google Emoji Featuring Android O.

You might be thinking that how can we get those Android O’s emoji in our Lollipop and Marshmallow devices, it’s easy.

How To Get Latest Android Emoji Featuring Android O?

Now, if you are using Google Keyboard(GBoard) and the only Google keyboard with emoji, you know it well. GBoard offers a great and wide variety of options and makes your typing very cooler and faster.

There are many options which come inside the GBoard like Gesture Typing, Search When Typing, Automatic Emoji for words you have written etc. We will be discussing it in another article.

But for now, let’s move to our Android Emojis topic.

Being a developer I know the secrets you can create a change in your Android devices. But for non-developers, the right and straight path to follow is here.

Just follow the step-by-step guide to get the latest Android Google Keyboard Emoji:

  • Your device must be rooted, click here to see how to root Android.
  • Custom Recovery Installed(TWRP/CWM), click here to see how to install custom recovery in 1 minute.

#1 First of all, download the Flashable Android O NotoColorEmoji Replacer zip file from here.

#2 Once downloaded, reboot to recovery.

#3 Now, tap on Install button and select the downloaded zip file from your storage(Internal/External).

Custom Recovery - Tap Install

#4 Just slide the slide to flash and woo, you have successfully got the latest Android Emoji which will come in Android O, the latest version of Android.

Custom Recovery - Slide To Flash Android Emoji

Now, to be sure you have the right emojis in your keyboard, type in anywhere and look for emojis. There are options of GIFs and symbol emojis, you can use that also.

Android Emoji

Android GIFs

NOTE: If anything happens to your device, I will not be responsible for that. Do it at your own risk.

But what I will say is that if you follow the steps correctly, your device will not brick because it’s not the O.S. we are playing with. It just the fonts and default emojis with which we are playing the game.

What I recommend you is that start using GBoard(Google Keyboard) and the reason behind is you all know. We will cover this topic in coming article of the blog.

So, stop crawling Emojis for Android and use GBoard and flash the file as shown above.

It’s all about the Latest Android Emoji, stay tuned for more. Remember to share it on social media with your friends:)

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