The Biggest Problems With Free Services: Not Free

Free Services!! Wow…

Free Services

Whenever we hear the word “Free”, we intend to attract towards it to use. But have you thought about how free services earn money?

Free Is Not “Free”

Keep in mind, free is not always free.

What are Free Services?

These are those services which give you any type of support, features & your interest. The companies like Facebook, WhatsApp & Google allows you to create free accounts. But they also have paid features for Pro members or whatever they call it.

When you create an account on Facebook, it says “It’s free and always will be”. Then think out, if they are free & providing their services around the world, how they make huge money? They show targeted ads related to your info so that you go for it as quick you see it.

Free Facebook Account

It’s because they aren’t free.

Why are these not Free?

The simple answer is, who don’t want to make money. And they are doing the same, making huge money from you & you don’t even know about it.

For example, WhatsApp allows you to create a free account & you are using it well. But if this is free then how the hell they are making money from it.

From you, they are making money from you.

They know all your info about what you do, how you do, interests and sell it to big companies like NASA & more advertisement companies.

How Free Services Make Money?

As told above the ads, selling info are the methods to make money out of you. Have you ever noticed there are ads coming on the Gmail?


Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to make money online.

Not talking about these only there are many networks which advertise when you go for free. Look at the Android apps you use, the ads are also available there.


In last, I would like to say that, stop using free services. Not social media but other things you might be using on a regular basis. Free has many limitations & problems occur which hurt you really hard if talking financially.

In the beginning, you can go for free services but use it for long is not good.

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