Flipkart With Facebook To Make Flipkart Lite For Slow Networks

Flipkart Making Lite App

Slow Connection…!! Everyone hates it. Apps today are the best for small devices like Smartphones. Apps make it easy to do our work in a decent way.

We all browse Flipkart app, we tend to all understand that it create it straightforward to buy rather than getting to the website.
 Like to search simply by many buttons sitting still anyplace
Flipkart now team up with Facebook to increase user experience, making the lite app just like FB Lite.
I am working with Facebook to converge our solution – which allows users to skip updates to app“, said Vice President of Engineering of Flipkart.
News had come that Flipkart is working with Facebook to ensure slower connection and low cost don’t bog their users. The whole idea is to make the website to run on slow connections without compromising the user experience.
About 30% of India uses Flipkart only on through Mobile devices having 1 billion subscribers. To make the engagement between the website and users, introducing lighter version.
Beneficially, the app will work best for slow connections like 2G networks.
Resulting, the company wants an increase in their users and subscribers.
Wait for the Flipkart Lite to come onto play.

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