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How to Enable ViLTE(Video Over LTE) in any MiUi Rom(Devices)[ROOT]

You all be using 4G phones and makes it more important when JIO enters into play. We all use 4G internet and might have tried to use or enable ViLTE.

In India, VoLTE comes with JIO first and then all users have gone mad after it. Almost half of the people in the World have 4G supported mobile phones. But what for who do not use that even having VoLTE and 4G phones?

Smartphones like LYF, Xiaomi, Samsung all now support VoLTE(Voice Over LTE). Here LTE stands for Long Term Evolution.

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Well developer like me can find out a way out of it and solve the problem of getting video calling via the 4G network(ViLTE). And one of the developers on YU Forums found the way out.

This trick has been given by a person on YU Forums with username [Mr.Robot][Elliot], so all credits go to him. Thanks, Man….. 🙂

[Link to his post][You must be signed in to read]

I have a YU device on which I used to practice these type of experiments to develop more and experience ASAP.

So, especially for YU users, this trick is for you all but also works on MiUi devices but only for ROOTED users.

Enable ViLTE In MiUi ROM/Devices

Well, guess what having ViLTE in your Android device is like getting rid of 3rd party video calling apps. And in my recommendation, it is more important for you use as less as much possible to ensure the performance of your mobile.

Let’s see how this trick works.

  • Root, click here to see how to root.
  • ES File Explorer, click here to download.
  • Some Patience with 1 minute. 🙂

#1 Once you meet the requirements, it’s time get into the action. First of all, see that the ViLTE is not working(there is no option for Video Calling via 4G network).

No ViLTE Working#2 Go to ES File Explorer, enable “Root Explorer“.

Enable Root Explorer#3 Now, search for “build.prop” file and open it using ES File Editor.

Search For Build Prop FileOpen With ES File Editor To Enable ViLTE #4 Click on the Edit icon from the upper right corner and scroll down to bottom. Here, paste this code by [Mr. Robot]


Paste At The End To Enable ViLTE

Just save the file and check the ViLTE must be working fine.

Check the video tutorial to Enable ViLTE in any MiUi ROM or Devices[ROOTED].

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