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Duplicate Files Fixer- Increase storage capacity of your device

Even if you have the best hardware on your device then to it will respond slow if you are running low on memory(due to duplicate files). We can say storage capacity plays an important role in the performance of your device. But the question is how should you make more space on your device. You are storing all the stuff which is valuable for you and you are in the situation where you cannot decide what you should delete.

There is an application which can help you in this situation. By using this application, you will not lose your important data and it will make more space on your device too. This amazing application is developed by Systweak Software. It finds duplicate files on your device and clears them quickly which helps you to retrieve memory.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Let us find out how this amazing application works.

Launch screen

 Once you installed this application on your device you will be on the home screen. Now you need to select scan type to find duplicate files. You can choose to scan any file type or a folder. Also, you can choose full scan option. tap “Scan now” button after choosing an option it will initiate the process. You can stop the scan at any point.

duplicate files fixer

Results page

The scan results will be in front of you, an auto-marked format in groups and the last file (s) of the group is marked for deletion. You can choose “Mark All except last” option to mark first files to be deleted.

Also “Unmark All” files to manually select files for deletion. You can take a backup of your files before deleting from the application itself. If you tap on “Backup now” you will be redirected to right back up which is another tool from Systweak software to take backup of your data and to keep it safe.

Now tap on Delete to delete the duplicates.

Excluding File at the shortest Location from deletion

 The idea behind giving this option in the application is that duplicate original files are placed on the root of device and duplicates are deep inside. So, if you select this option, the files at the root of your device will be excluded and which are deep inside are marked for the deletion. You can access this feature by pressing menu (three vertical dots) located in the top right.

Settings Menu

As usual Settings menu helps you to make the application customized as per your choice. The application is highly customizable. You will find following options in the settings menu.

Ignore list

 If you want some of your folders to stay away from the scan. You can put all such folders in the “Ignore list” to keep them away from the scanning process.

Scan Filters

You can filter your scan results. The application offers filters like same name, same size, and same content. You can also include hidden or 0-bit files and folders in the scanning process. By default, application search for duplicates by same content. These filters will help you to find more accurate results from the app.

Language Settings and Themes

The Application supports almost all the popular languages of the world You can change the default language by tapping on Settings>Languages.

Apart from this application also allows you to choose from two different themes.

This is how by clearing duplicate files you can make more space on your device. Now you do not need to spend money on buying extra memory and your data is also safe.

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