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How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Hacked Online

The first thing that you should know when it comes to hacking is that no computer is safe. People are scared of hackers, but they cannot determine what they are. Hackers are part of an individual or criminal syndicate that shares similar political agenda or ideas. At the same time, they have enough knowledge to access your valuable data.

When hackers want to attack some specific company, they can find numerous information just by browsing the web. At the same time, they can use similar data to exploit all weaknesses of company’s online safety and security. If you think your PC as a company, then the same thing can happen with you.

Don’t Get Hacked: Protect Yourself Online

But what can you do to protect yourself against hackers? One choice is to sit back, stop thinking about them and wait for them to come. The other solution is to fight back, with all information that you have on your mind. That is the main reason why we decided to present you how to make sure you don’t get hacked online.

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Use Secure Messaging App

In the past year, there were only a few messaging apps that were reliable to use. People stated that BlackBerry messenger had the encryption protection so that you can communicate with someone without thinking that someone else will use that information against you.

However, since then many things changed and today we have numerous messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and many more. The question is: which one is the most secure?

The best messaging app that contains encrypted messaging today is an app called Signal. The idea between these apps is that you will get open source protocol. However, apart from other messaging apps, Signal won’t store files and messages on servers.

Therefore, you should find the tool that doesn’t store any metadata on servers. Thus, even government cannot see messages that you have shared with someone.

On the other hand, WhatsApp doesn’t contain that level of security, because all messages synchronize immediately with their cloud server, which hackers can use afterward against you. Facebook Messenger includes an option for secret conversation, but if you don’t choose this feature, you won’t get any encryption.

Use Two-step Verification for Email

It is always better to use two-step verification for your email account. We all know that most sensitive information we get through email. That means that we should find a way to secure it as better as possible. Even though they can obtain your passwords through different tools; second step password should be a random set of characters that you get on your device or mail before entering the email account.

You can simply set up two-step verification on Gmail account, follow the steps below:

  • Click on your Google account and tap “My Account“.

two-step verification on Gmail account

  • Here, you’ll see Sign-in & security options where you’ll also find two-step verification option.

setting up two-step verification on Gmail account

  • Select the option & get started with filling in your phone number.

That way you will have to add email password and to add PIN code that you get from SMS or another email address. Two-step verification is the best way to secure your email because it will save you the trouble of getting transparent to the public.

Use Strong Password

When it comes to passwords, we are not talking only about social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. You should also choose the right password for your mobile device and PC. This is an essential way to protect your information because if someone steals your phone, they cannot use it until they get the password that you have added.

You should also use at least between 6 and 10-digit long password, and don’t you ever type something like “111111” or “abcdefg” because it will not be good as you wanted in the first place. Even though six digits are sufficient, as many digits you add the better.

Use Devices that you Trust

We recommend you to avoid logging into private accounts such as an online bank or social media on public computers such as school or library computers. There were many options when people got attacked because attacker installed keylogger software on public PC and after a few days, he just has to return and get thousands of passwords without too much hassle.

If you want to check your email, Facebook or eBanking account, you should do it from a trusted device. In case that you have to do it from public PC, we recommend you to change password afterward because someone else could use it against you to gain access to all your accounts.

Use Encryption Software on Your PC

Another solution is to install encryption software on your PC so that you can protect your data. By encrypting files on the computer, you will make it difficult for attackers to access information from your device. If you are using Macs, we recommend you FileVault, and for PC it is best to choose Blocker.


We have presented you five ways on how to protect yourself from hacking. You should have in mind that hackers will always find a way to breach any security. Therefore, it is not enough to have antivirus and to enjoy it.

You have to change your personality online, and follow tips that we have presented you above so that you can protect yourself thoroughly.

If you had problems with hackers before, feel free to tell us everything about it so that other readers could see all possibilities that could happen online. Cheers!

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