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Top Elements to Consider for Designing an iPhone X App

With the release of all-new iOS 11 back in the month of September, Apple also announced a considerable range of highly advanced and latest Apple devices that encompassed iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iOS watch and the all-new 4K Apple TV. Out of these newly inclusions, the majority of industry experts have concluded that the iPhone X has prominently captivated the entire community of iPhone users where the one of a kind edge-to-edge display concept has set newer benchmarks for the entire mobile industry.

Apple has indeed surpassed those old concepts and traditional ways of manufacturing mobile devices by introducing the all-new iPhone X. Most of the industry’s renowned critics have appreciated Apple’s out of the box idea and concludes that the new device has definitely set a newer trend for all of the top mobile manufacturers. Moreover, it has given a new dimension for the iOS app designers and developers to rethink the way they design and develop iOS mobile apps.

Let us now go through a list of top highlighted factors that you need to consider while you design an iPhone X app.

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Increased Vertical Space

Apple has gone completely out of the box by introducing an edge-to-edge extended display. It has become one of the most discussed topics throughout the entire community of iOS app designers. According to the professionals, the new display now offers 145 points in addition to the existing 812 points vertically. Although it looks like a minor increase to the existing vertical axis of the display, most of the designers consider this extra space as a great value addition to place a unique visual object that will definitely capture their end users attention and interest.

Value Added Design Layout

Most of the experienced iOS app developers and designers agree that the new display will indeed result as one of the best value additions for them. Experts conclude that the layout is one of the most crucial and critical elements when it comes to mobile apps. According to them, the newer display will bring them a more challenging environment to tackle the issue of maintaining symmetrical placing of the various visual objects as well as the factor of clipping corners. In addition to that, designers are also worried about the precise performance of the device sensor as an important element to consider.

Challenging Higher Resolution

In the quest of bringing one of its kind and unmatched user experience, Apple has featured an extremely higher resolution to the display of iPhone X that encompasses about 1125×2436 pixel display which is scalable up to 3x. According to most of the experts, an extended display is expected to be one of the biggest challenges for them to better address the design end of upcoming iPhone X apps. Experts conclude that now apps should be given fully resolution free end to their apps similar to the vector-based artworks while incorporating the 3x and the 2x scalability.

3D Touch Interaction Becomes More Crucial

A number of iOS app designers and developers have found that the 3D touch interaction will be a more challenging and complex task for them to adequately address the quality and performance standards prescribed by Apple. Developing such fast action apps is of paramount importance as these apps provide value-added easiness to the end users where designers are more focused to place them in the best appropriate position that accompanies the newer display. Moreover, experts added that the use of emoji and lengthy titles will be a bad idea.

Designing Colors and Fonts

Colors have been considered to be one of the most engaging factors when it comes to attracting the end users. The all-new iPhone X features the world best mobile display with a greater richness to all of the color families. According to most of the iOS app designers, the newly introduced color management is one of the best value additions that will ease the process of choosing colors while making the most out of the six-channel light sensor that further refines the end results.

With the release of all-new iPhone X, Apple has also launched a newly designed font which is named as San Francisco and set as the default font for the iPhone X. Most of the industry experts have critically analyzed the newly introduced font and have concluded that it can also be found the existing Apple watch but considerably differs with the San Francisco font in the Apple watch. Apple officials have given a valued tip in this regard by telling that designers must use SF Pro Text for 19 or smaller sizes and the SF Pro Display for those with 2o or more. The best part is that the OS is fully capable of adjusting the font size if developers have used the San Francisco font within their apps.

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