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CyanogenMod Review [CM 13][voLTE] Custom ROM [Full Review]

Cyanogen is the custom version of the Android OS. And here is the latest CyanogenMod review working full on voLTE.

See the proof:

voLTE working in CM

First of all, we dive into the CM(CyanogenMod), you must know about it and what it is?

What Is CyanogenMod?

As said above, it is the custom ROM offering various different and better functions than Google. At first, CM is just a custom ROM but it starts appearing in some Android mobile phones.

about phone

CM first comes into play in Chinese mobile phone companies. But after companies like HTC, Samsung and LG adopted it. And it is just because of the features it offers and they are outstanding.

I personally use CM in my YU Yuphoria which comes with inbuilt Cyanogen OS. But there are differences in Cyanogen OS and CyanogenMod.

The CyanogenMod versions are quite stable but the higher versions are bit unstable. But not in all cases.

Cyanogen OS vs CyanogenMod

Cyanogen OS comes inbuilt in different devices like One Plus and YU. But talking CM it’s different as it’s a custom ROM and anybody can flash it in their devices.

The CM is very much powerful and it’ just because it has higher versions available but contains some bugs. The Cyanogen OS has the version till Android Lollipop(5.1.1) and they shut up the company.

Now they returned with Lineage OS which also works on CyanogenMod and much better and powerful. The official stable version is not showing up but the developers are trying hard to make it more stable.

CyanogenMod Review[CM 13] [voLTE] Android 6.0.1

As soon as the 4G devices are coming into the market, the need of 4G supported artwork is also needed for Android. They have the 4G supported ROM(stock ROM) but what for the Android lovers.

…who want different and wanna taste all the flavors of the Android UIs available?

All ROMs do not support voLTE but they can connect via the 4G network and give access to the Internet.

The bugs are so much and even CM 12 supports voLTE and higher versions not. The CyanogenMod has many versions like Lettuce, Nightly. The nightly does not support voLTE but some developers make it done.

In this tutorial, I am gonna show you the CyanogenMod review which supports voLTE, Stable, no bugs and operating on Android Marshmallow(6.0.1).

You can also read the CAF-AOSP[voLTE] Full Review to know more about custom and stock ROMs.

How to Flash CM 13 in Android?

Requirements: ROOT access, Custom recovery installed.

Follow the steps:

  • Go to XDA-Developers and search for CM 13 for your device. Or you can go to your device forum(YU Forum etc).
  • Download it and place it your SD card.
  • Reboot into recovery, wipe all (take a backup of your data)and select the zip.
  • Install and wait for some minutes and reboot the system.

If you’re on YU devices, download the zip file by the developer “Teja”.

Note: By rooting your device and installing custom recovery you may brick your phone or void warranty. Do it at your own risk, I will not be responsible for this.

…you have successfully installed the CM 13 in your device.

Boot Screen

CM boot screen

The best and happening boot animation I have ever seen is CM’s boot screen.

It called the Trebuchet.

And the launcher is Trebuchet Launcher.

It is just like the Android’s Marshmallow icon, the face of the CM is Marshmallow time behind.

Design and Look

Talking the design and look, CM is the best and offers theme option. It is not like the ASOP ROM which does not have any theme support. And the reason is the pure Android ROM.

The status bar, navigation bar, and drawer can be optimized according to the theme applied.

drawer style

The drawer style is simple and soothing, it also offers search app option by which you can search apps in the drawer.

Currently, I am on Pitch Black For CM 12/13 and the looks are killer. Just Black, White and Red colors and their killer combination making it very allegiant. It gives you a glimpse of wow when you’ll use it for the first time.

Use the theme, you’ll love it.

Status Bar: The finest and very eye pleasing look of CM give power to colors having a great combination. You can edit the status bar tiles by tapping the setting gear icon for 5 seconds. Now you can rearrange the tiles according to your choices.

status bar in CM

You can also optimize the way you wanna your status bar to look like show battery percentage, alarm position, Brightness Control etc.

status bar settings

Set the icons which you want to set/show on the status bar.

Navigation Bar: As simple as it looks and depends on the theme you’ve got in your device installed.

navigation style of CM

You can edit the navigation menu settings going in the Settings>Buttons.

There are many mods, Buttons, and layout option where you can add a new button to your navigation bar.

add button in navigation

Well, professionally it became handier to your working options.


Gestures play an important role when your smartphones want to play and you too. A wide variety of gestures involved in Android becomes more pathetic.

In this tutorial of CyanogenMod Review, I am gonna show you some handy gestures which let you play with your Android.

To enable the gesture settings, go to Setting>Gestures and tap enable icon bar.


It provides various different gestures like Open Camera, Music, Messaging or Custom gestures.

It also gives the double tap to wake and sleep. But this gesture is not available in the gesture settings.

You can find this feature under Display & Lights.


Battery CyanogenMod Review

I have used many stock and custom ROMs & usually I change it after two days and so writing reviews. I recently used the CAF-AOSP ROM in my YU Yuphoria and it has optimized the battery well.

But it may loose up when the battery goes down(around 20-30%), it becomes a little bit slow. But this problem is solved by CM 13 in my device.

The battery is most optimized and operate at Balanced Mode and gave out most of it. The 100% charged battery works the full day when mobile is used for basic routine purposes and playing games sometimes a day.


The best mod available for Camera and I recommend you to download it for your device is CyanogenMod Camera. It offers more setting optimization than other Camera phones do.

Yes, there are smartphones like Oppo, Vivo which are specially made for Camera and selfie purposes. But do not offer such a variety.

camera settings

Look at the image below:

Camera Quality

The left image is clicked by mu device( YU running on CM 13) and the right one is clicked by Panasonic.

The difference between the two is very clear. You can yourself judge the Camera quality on your own.

On of the biggest Myth in the smartphone Cameras is that if the pixels are low, the images will be of low quality.

But it is not the Pixels which matters but the sensors inbuilt matters.


The audio system which offers great audio effects cannot offer any other ROMs or smartphones. One of the reasons being flashing is my habit of listening songs when studying.

And what I want is some Bass in my earphones and which only CM can give.

audio FX optimization

One the earphone is connected, it starts operating. CyanogenMod comes with an app inbuilt called AudioFX.

It is fully optimizable and if you’re a music lover, you’ll love the way it gives power to audio effects.

You are reading  CyanogenMod Review [CM 13] [voLTE] Custom ROM [Full Review]

Keep reading…

Protect Apps

The CyanogenMod, whether running on Android Lollipop(5.1.1) or Marshmallow(6.0.1) give a Protect App option.

By the way, it is hidden.

You can protect apps on your Android device and the best part is Apps are not visible anymore. If you try to look in the app drawer, you’ll not find it.

To protect your Apps,

  • Tap and hold the main home screen.
  • Click Settings(or scroll up).
  • Scroll down to bottom and tap Protected Apps.

Here, set your password and tap enable the option to protect any app installed on your Android mobile phone.

protect apps in CM 13

To open the app, go to the same option as you come when setting the password and open it from here.

Additional Features

CyanogenMod is full of features and options available for you to get it’s most.

One of the best parts of this ROM is its variety of features and who don’t like more features in his/her smartphone.

Talking to CyanogenMod Review, let me tell you some amazing hidden features available in CM 13.

Themes: Everyone likes to play with different themes and choose the best look for their mobile. It also gives you theme option and to choose between installed.

You can simply open theme option using theme app from the app drawer or from the status bar.

theme option

Multi-Tasking: Whenever you listen to multi-tasking, Android Nougat comes into your mind. But you can run multiple apps simultaneously using some options from the Developer Option.

You can discover this hidden menu from your phone’s about section.

  • Go to Settings>About Phone>Build Number and tap it 5 times.
  • Go back, you’ll find a new option called Developer Options.

In this option, go to the Drawing option and enable Multi-window mode. To run multiple apps at one time.

  • Open apps which you wanna run simultaneously.
  • Now there will a window like an icon will appear when you tap the Open Tab button.
  • Now just tap the window icon and select the layout.

enable multi tasking

Your apps are running simultaneously.

multi tasking ON

 Advanced Reboot and Root Access

You might have heard about Advanced Reboot but not available for your device. There is an inbuilt option of the advanced reboot which comes with CyanogenMod.

You can easily enable it going to the developer options. You can find the option at the top of the screen. Just tap the slider to enable it.

enable advanced reboot

Now, when you reboot your Android phone, it gives you several options.

advanced reboot

You don’t need to reboot into recovery by holding buttons for a longer time. Or you can soft reboot your device if needed or required.

Root Access: Well, if you’re here reading this CyanogenMod review post, your phone is rooted. And you know what is ROOTand why it is needed?

So, skipping that part, I would like to tell that CM comes with inbuilt Root Access feature and you do not need to flash SuperSU.

Enable the Root via Developer Options.

enable root access

Once you enable this, it asks for the priority to grant root permission. Now, it is up to you which are the things you want them to have root access permission.

root acess settings

Run the apps which need root and you’ll get rid of granting permission at once instead of every time.

Its all about CyanogenMod Review.

If you have any query about this ROM or have any problem regarding this tutorial “CyanogenMod Review [CM 13] [voLTE] Custom ROM [Full Review]”

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