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Create Video Intro For YouTube On Android

Do you own a YouTube Channel? Do you want to create video intro for your channel? You are at right place. In this article, see how you can create a video intro for your YouTube videos and channel.

YouTube intros give the audience a compact and immediate glance of your video, what your video is all about. And one of the best method to grow and enhance your views and subscribers on YouTube.

This is must for a YouTuber if you want to grow and want a brand name for yourself.

How To Create Video Intro For YouTube

There are many ways to create a video intro for YouTube on PC. Talking about “how to create a video intro for YouTube On Android.” 
The tool which I used for my YouTube channel is Legend. Best and recommended for you to create a simple, effective into.
Let’s start to create an awesome and epic intro…….!!

STEPS TO Create Video Intro:

Install Legend Form Playstore
  • Now, after you have finished installing, open it.

NOTE: **Use premium version to get more animations unlocked.**

  • As you open it, it will greet you to enter your text. Enter using your keyboard and click or tap on the right tick icon.

Enter Your Text To Create Video Intro

  • Now here it will show you some options on what to do next, just tap the play icon.

Tap the play icon to start create video intro

  • Here you can simply choose animation type and color combinations. Select the one you like and supports your YouTube channel and the videos.

Select the layouts

  • Now it’s time to download, Legend gives you two formats, save as gif or video. Choose the video format and it’ll start downloading.

Download the video

That’s it! Congratulations! You have successfully created the YouTube intro.

NOTE: **The downloaded video doesn’t have any audio, you have to add it your own. This article may help you: Add Audio Files To Videos**

Enjoy!! Make sure to share it with your friends!!

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