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Change Windows Password Without Knowing Old One

Have you lost your Windows Password? And locked in your PC?

Don’t worry, no problem. It will not give you a headache, you can easily change the windows password.

Change Windows Password

And the best part, if you don’t know the old password.

Windows has the best security which enhanced every time they upgrade. But nothing is perfect, can be changed easily or hacked.

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How To Change Windows Password Without Knowing Old One

Whenever you resett windows password, it asks for the current password. See the image below.

Resett Windows Password

But what when you forgotten the current password(previous) & want to change it.

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The method is very easy, short. Let’s make a move how you can do so:

Open RUN from the start menu or simply win+R.

Type lusrmgr.msc & hit enter.

Open RUN

Select Users & see which is your current account you are logged in.

select account

Right click on the account & select Set Password.

Type in your new account & hit Ok.

set new windows password

NOTE: It will greet with a pop-up window, tap on Proceed to continue.

You have successfully changed your windows password without knowing the old one.

You can use this method to hack into others Windows, but don’t do this. It’s not right to hack into someone’s privacy.

And it’s just for the education purpose only.

Do share it!! Share your experience in the comment section.

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