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Why my PC is so slow? Why are these so much junk files in my PC? These type of questions always keeps coming in our minds. Although, our PC is fully optimized and may be built with advanced high power hardware. Either you had made your PC faster with so many tweaks and applications available for Windows and Mac. But also lags somewhere. So, what’s the matter with our systems? Well, don’t get disturbed, I have a solution for your problems. Today, I am gonna give you an In-depth CCleaner Review of this PC cleaner Software developed by Piriform.

The common problem most of the computer users face is their systems get crashed or hanged. Sometimes, it perhaps little or severe for your computer system.

Before going to the review of CCleaner, I will tell you the procedure of download the full version of CCleaner Professional, CCleaner Business, CCleaner Technician with the latest version fully cracked for Windows users.

CCleaner for Mac is not the latest version which is fully cracked but the version which is available, the download link will be given here.

How to Download CCleaner for Windows and Mac

Just follow the step-by-step instructions to download CCleaner(All versions):

Download CCleaner Pro, Business and Technician

  • Windows users can quickly find their supportive versions. To download CCleaner for Mac, the users have to scroll down or need a check on the next page.
  • Click on the magnet icon to start the download.

You can also download CCleaner for Android, it available on Google Play.

CCleaner For Android

Once you are ready with your supported versions, either Windows or Mac. Install the software and put the crack files to fully register the CCleaner into their PC. Now, you are ready for CCleaner Review. Let’s check how good CCleaner is and how to use it.

CCleaner Review: The Pros and Cons

Being the world’s best and popular PC cleaner and optimization tool, it is also an award-winning PC optimization Software(Tool). It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure!

Easy to use, one-click cleaning so novices can optimize their computers in seconds. Plus, it’s packed with exceptional features for power users.

CCleaner - Award Winning Tool

First, take an overview of this amazing tool to what it termed as “Best”.

Faster Computer

It is not any unknown fact that faster computer no one need. We all need a fast working computer so that it can handle multiple things at one time, which is termed as “Multi-Tasking“. As out computer gets old it collects unused files and settings which take up hard drive space making it slower and slower. CCleaner cleans up these files and makes it faster instantly.

Safer Browsing

Ah! We all want to browse privately our computers. It maybe anyone, you or me, we all want to keep our browsing history private. You know what I mean 😉

But talking some sense, there are lots of advertisements and websites which track our behavior online with cookies that stay on your computer. CCleaner erases your browser search history and cookies so any internet browsing you do stays confidential and your identity remains anonymous.

Fewer Errors & Crashes

We all have faced this situation of the computer crash and being hanged in between. The reason behind it is our registry which can become cluttered with errors and broken settings which lead to crashes. CCleaner’s patented registry cleaner clears out this clutter to make your PC more stable.

Technically, you can edit the Windows Registry ‘by hand‘. But there are two key reasons not to:

  • It’s really easy to change the wrong setting
  • If you make a mistake, the consequences might be quite severe. (For example, your PC might refuse to start)

That’s why Registry Cleaners exist – To do the job for you!

I, myself tired of cleaning up my registry when I uninstall any Software from my PC. The residuals are left behind like thumbnails which cause the problem to other applications. Once your Registry has been cleaned up, you will likely notice a performance boost and any error messages you saw whilst using your computer previously will be gone.

But CCleaner also packed with Registry Cleaner, so don’t worry. It will do the difficult task for you. The Registry Cleaner will remove entries for non-existent applications, and it’ll also fix invalid or corrupted entries. You’ll probably find your computer starts much more quickly too!

Let’s take an in-depth review of CCleaner and learn how to use it perfectly. I am using the CCleaner Professional Edition v5.22.


CCleaner review - Analyzer Tool

In this full CCleaner Review, I like this feature the most. Just tap to “Analyze” and “Run Cleaner“. It will do the rest work for you. CCleaners’s analyzer tool performs a quick but responsive scan of your PC and collects all the junk files, residuals, cache, and cookies. After that, if you want to delete you can run cleaner to wipe them all.

You can select the options from the left menu, what to left and what to include, it’s all your choice. I have perfectly optimized this tool and I just erase all these spam and junk files with just one click.

Make sure to select the applications to scan from the “Application” tab from the left menu.

 Registry Cleaner

CCleaner As Registry Cleaner

Using a Software for cleaning up your registry is just a crap. Probably, you should uninstall the Software which you use as Registry Cleaner. Because CCleaner is here. CCleaner’s patented registry cleaner clears out this clutter to make your PC more stable. Malicious applications (malware) can also cause Registry problems. Even when the software has been removed, the remnants of that application may remain – causing error messages and slowdowns. Cleaning the Registry can help to remove all this leftover data.

Even when the software has been removed, the remnants of that application may remain – causing error messages and slowdowns. Cleaning the Registry can help to remove all this leftover data.

Malicious applications (malware) can also cause Registry problems. Even when the software has been removed, the remnants of that application may remain – causing error messages and slowdowns. Cleaning the Registry can help to remove all this leftover data(junk files).

You can anytime run a scan for all registry issues and clean up the mess very easily with CCleaner. Select the issues which are must to wipe for the fix and just fix them.

Packed with Multiple Tools

CCleaner Multiple Tools

The best property and award-winning feature of this tool are that CCleaner is packed with multiple advanced tools. It offers tools like Uninstaller, Startup, Duplicate Finder and Duplicate File Fixer, System Restorer, and Drive Wiper.

Isn’t it amazing, having all the tools right under one tab and easy-to-use interface with no ambiguity?


CCleaner Uninstaller

The uninstaller feature is supported by all Operating System and it knows better how to remove the files. But you must try this once, CCleaner’s Uninstaller tool makes it easier and as it supports Registry Cleaner, it makes it more trusted and better than that to completely remove the files.

Startup Applications

CCleaner Startup Tool

It is also an inbuilt feature of Operating Systems. You can control these applications and services to stop or start at startup. But again, it provides better tools and makes it more engaging. These programs are set to run when your computer starts, take control over it and optimize your computer to make it start faster.

Browser Plugins

CCleaner Browser Plugin Tool

These are those items which are set to run when your browser starts. There are many plugins you must have installed in your browser. Some may behave very confusing and some cause online surfing problems. You must get rid of these, CCleaner gives you an option to help to find the browser plugin issues and control them as per your choice.

All the browser are automatically scanned after you run the Software.

Disk Analyzer

CCleaner Disk Analyzer Tool

Disk Analyzer is one of the basic tools of Operating System like Windows and Mac. CClenaer also supports this feature which allows you to scan and analyze the disk drives and gives you detailed information about your drives. It also serves with many disk functionalities which you can try. These are basically the type of files which are using your disk space, just like the category system of Android file managers.

Duplicate Finder

CCleaner Duplicate Finder Tool

It must be the best tool in this CCleaner Review. Because for this type of functionality you must be using any other Software to find duplicate files which are eating up your free space. Leave it to CCleaner’s Duplicate Finder. It scans all drives and searches for duplicate content on your drives, so you can delete them to free up some space.

And even gives you advanced options for the type of file and it’s size alteration.

System Restorer

CCleaner System Restorer Tool

Maybe you know how to create a restore point on Windows and Mac. But I always find it mind teasing and always screwed up very quickly. It’s the system restorer of CCleaner which supports more and enhanced with one click restore point creation. And you can get your computer where it was earlier easily.

Drive Wiper

CCleaner Drive Wiper Tool

Now, it called the dangerous and prohibited type of feature of CCleaner. Do it carefully or you’ll wipe all your data in just one hit like crushing an egg. It supports options for “Just Free Some Space” or “Wipe Drive Completely“. One of the similar feature of Disk Defragment tool of Windows. Or just erase/format all your data from disk drives. It’ all your choice that matters.

That’s it for CCleaner Review. But there are some settings which you must be using in order to make it more useful and handy. In the “Option” option, you’ll see many tabs like Settings, Cookies, Monitoring etc.

I’ll show you mine settings which come handier to free space always I open and close applications on my PC. Just tick all the options as in the images below.

Inside Settings Tab:

CCleaner Settings Checkings

Leave “Cookies“, “Include” and “Exclude” as default.

Inside Monitoring Tab:

CCleaner Monitoring Settings

For users tab, it’s your choice. If you want it for yourself then you can customize it for yourself.


Advanceb Tab:

CCleaner Advanced Settings

and that’s it finally. It’s all about CCleaner Review provided with download link of full cracked versions including all the versions.

If you like this CCleaner Review, share your experience with this cool tool for the computer.

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