AOSP Full Review

We all use different mobiles phones and usually smartphones. We like to taste different flavors of it, and like the way it runs. Just like that Android works on different Android UIs, but you even don’t know what they are? And AOSP(Android Open Source Project)  is one of them having version Android N.


Talking technically, it is the pure Android stock(and Custom) ROM and works like charm.

What are Stock and Custom ROMs?

The “Stock ROM” is the ROM come already installed on our Android devices whereas “Custom ROM” are developed by a developer or comes by third-party.

The Custom ROMs are either a modified stock ROM or a Stock ROM version made available for older devices. CM(Cyanogen Mod) is one of the stock ROMs and very famous for its smoothness.

Stock ROMs are generally stable as they are directly coming from the publisher of the device. But somewhere custom ROMs are unstable for some devices but works well.

So, In this tutorial review, I am gonna tell you how to flash it on your device and the hidden features inside it.

AOSP [voLTE]: Android N(7.1.1)

The best part is that it is voLTE enabled, so no problem with 4G calling. First, I am gonna show you how to flash into your device. But first, you must have a rooted Android device and custom recovery installed(TWRP or CWM).

Note: By rooting your device and installing custom recovery you may brick your phone or void warranty. Do it at your own risk, I will not be responsible for this.

  • Go to XDA-Developers and search for AOSP for your device. Or you can go to your device forum(YU Forum etc).
  • Download it and place it your SD card.
  • Reboot into recovery, wipe all (take a backup of your data)and select the zip.
  • Install and wait for some minutes and reboot the system.

All done.

The exact link I have not provided here because your device may vary. So you need to find the suitable version for your device and it’s very easy on XDA. Or visit your mobile phone forum( like YU Forum, MI Forum etc).

Boot Screen

AOSP boot screen

The boot screen is very much enjoying the piece, and I just love it. The flying colors inter-passing each other and just like a watch thing. Every time my mobile reboots I make my move onto it starring it like it’s my girlfriend. 🙂

And then finally it turns into “Android”.

Design and Look

Being the pure Android ROM, it is very much similar to Android N. The drawer style is same the status bar, navigation, and settings, all are same.

status bar

The status bar comes with a pleasing look, expands when you pull it down. The small animation including sliding etc is much smoother than other. Also, there’s an edit option showed with a pencil icon to reposition the options given like Data, Wi-Fi, Battery etc.

The navigations are also very easy and simple looking buttons are provided for going back, tabs and home.

navigation bar

The App Drawer is opened by sliding up the small arrow icon. It has a white background like the devices One Plus One, Google Pixel etc. There also exist a searching apps options at the top of the App Drawer.

app drawer style

Setting Options

Open settings by tapping the gear icon or from App drawer.

You can go anywhere in the settings in other setting by opening the menu by sliding right to the screen. It’s just like the ordinary Android Nougat feature.

settings menu

The multi tasking is working at its full. I can play games and chat on WhatsApp simultaneously without any problems.

multi tasking in AOSP

Battery Performance

The battery is well optimized to its best. I noted an increase in my device after flashing it into my YU device. My mobile battery is just 2230 mAh but works full day after playing games and surfing the web all day.

battery performance

Well taking satisfactory, the mobile and battery is giving its best and it is one of the best ROM I have ever used. It is very light and the apps are well optimized and balanced to power out more performance. Also, the cellular data usage can be controlled by restricting the background data and more tweaks like data saver.

Additional Features In AOSP

One of the con of this ROM is that it does not have any additional features like themes, gestures etc. It is because of the purity of this ROM. AOSP is considered as the pure Android ROM and the performance is impressing as compared to other custom and stock ROMs.

You cannot set themes or can’t install them using third-party apps. Some of the basic required apps are missing form this ROM like calculator, file explorer.

You can’t tweak lock screen by setting custom things on it. You can only set the Owner info a little bit. There is no feature to add more value to app security like inbuilt app lock.

But more than that what I like this ROM so much is its performance and optimizations. And a technical and developer like me just want this thing in my device.

…and that is Device Performance.

System UI Tuner

Apart from this, In all Nougat devices there is an additional feature which let’s you some settings optimizations. But like the Developer Option you have to unhide it first.

That option is called System UI Tuner. Tap the setting gear icon for 5 seconds and it will greet with System UI Tuner Enabled. In this you can tweak status bar, DND, navigation and other.

system UI tuner

In status bar, you can select what to show? and what to enable? I have listened many times that Android N do not have Show Battery Percentage option but it is hidden in this option. You can show battery percentage and hide it, as you wish.

status bar options

show battery percentage in Android N AOSP

In DND, you can set the working of your volume buttons according to the options given in there. The navigation bar option allows you to add or change the navigation icons. And one Power notification controls option.

There are no bugs in this AOSP ROM and it is the best thing and apart from this, there may be some heat up issues to some low specs mobile phone. But I haven’t any issue till now.

See the video review of the ROM here.

If you got some query about it. Let me know through comments.


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