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Build Android Apps Really Fast for ourselves, or for business make it more effective for production or promotion and also helps many to get rid of browsing here and there for any type of info.

Making apps can be little difficult to be heard because it needs programming skills and more expertise in. 

But it’s not true in the 21st century you are living in, you can create app free, here everything day-by-day becoming easier than before. Talking of creating an app is easier nowadays.

Here are some ways by which you can build your own app for Play Store & App Store. The steps are as easy as their interface, no need of any programming skills, just 10 minutes or more.

How To Create/Build Android Apps

So, let’s see the ways by which you can do so very easily,


AppGeyser is a platform which gives a simple editing environment to create apps including various categories such as Website, Business, News, etc. 
To get started with AppGeyser, just follow these simple steps given below:
  • Signup for AppGeyser by clicking on Signup button on upper right corner.

  • When you’ve done this, click on Create App, select the template(category) for your app or simply search.

  • Now fill up with your App Setting giving necessary details of your app.

  • After it’s all finished, click Create and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.

  • Now, your app is ready to download, you can also publish it on Play Store or App Store, or you can do it yourself the way you want. 


AppSpotr is another site which enables you to Build, Preview & Publish your native Android or iOS app without writing a single line of programming code.
  • First of all signup for AppSpotr, you can also sign up with Facebook

  • Click GET STARTED (if not signup or sign in), then sign in.
  • A simple tap on NEW APP and start selecting your templates and design your app according to your need.

  • After finishing all that jazz, grab your app or publish it, as you want.


Appypie, just like the others allow making our own app, finished in minutes. As clear from the image, it’s as easy as Pie.
Sign up for the site or you can also sign up with Google+ and Facebook.
Just repeat the steps performed above; sign in, create a new app, get your app or publish. 
NOTE: Interface may change but Process remains the same.


ibuildapp like the others, just another network providing users to create Apps.
  • Sign up

  • Create a new app, and start developing your app just like done above.

Now, there are more providers which allow design app without knowledge of programming, as it’s a long list, let’s end it here only because it’s more than enough for making and publishing your new app.

Alternate Method Of Creating App

There is also an alternate method you can go for, but it’s only for those, who has some knowledge of android development, editing, and little coding knowledge.
You can go for AndroidStudio, it’s the best of all these and can customize the app to an advanced level. The App produced with this software will be amazingly great with full of features embed inside it.
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