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Top 5 Best Free VPN Apps for Android

The abbreviation of VPN is Virtual Private Network; this will make us browse any of the information through online. It will also help us in access to block the sites and also many of the services in your country that will become for you to the additional protection. It is a must-have application in this cyber world, so here we go for top 5 free VPN apps. Here is an image which explains what is VPN?

VPN_(Virtual_Private_Network)- Free VPN Apps for Android

Free VPN Apps for Android

In the market, we can see many of the VPN providers and clients for VPN. In order to explain about the VPN apps for Android, it is necessary us to explain what is VPN. It is considered as one of the latest technology to provide the online security and privacy hiding by IP address, various connectivity options that will make you anonymous when you are browsing the internet. VPN software is going to increase day by day form the year 2011 till now. For this reason, it is necessary to reveal best and free VPN apps for Android.

1) Hotspot Shield

It is considered as one of the most popular VPN services; Mainly it is going to use it on the PC and Smartphones. By using this hotspot shield VPN is going to secure your browsing session and will detect block malware, and it will allow you to access blocked sites that will protect your privacy. It will provide you 100% protection, the best key features of hotspot shield are:

  • It will secure your web surfing session.
  • Will protect you from identity theft online.
  • It will secure your IP address to your privacy online.
  • It has the capacity that it can work on both wired and wireless connections.

2) Tunnel Bear VPN

This is called as next-generation VPN app is Tunnel Bear VPN. This Tunnel bear VPN is so simple, private, access freely to the internet connection. It also provided with different multiple schemes like a little bear, crop, bear, pixel bear, iBear, and much more.

3) Droid VPN

Droid VPN is considered as a personal VPN for Android. It has the capacity of 100MB per day usage; if you are using this app you need not get worried about your privacy. It also has some extra features like:

  • So easy to use user interface.
  • It will provide you the dynamic IP.
  • It will work with GPRS and WI-Fi connectivity.
  • Has the capacity to use multiple servers.
  • It will encrypt your internet traffic.

4) Tigervpns VPN

Another important superior VPN app is Tigervpns VPN. It will help the user to unblock the IPS regulations, and bypass firewalls and has the capacity to visit any number of websites around the world. Here are some of the features of this app:

  • It is so simple and efficient.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Boost the client and server communication speed.

5) Hideman VPN

At last, we have Hideman VPN that is taken as the partially free VPN services. If you want to subscribe your premium services then you can uplift it with 5 hours per week limit. Their services are provided in many other countries. With the help of this app, you can hide your IP address so that no one can find out from where it was found. It will also allow you to provide you the internet data along with 256-bit encryption and can use any sites without any limitations.

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