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3 Ways To Hide Files and Folders in Windows

Do you have a secretive nature and this also happens with your computing data and much more with these type of things? Everyone wants their files to be safe and hidden from others who want to stalk theirs. So, here are best three ways to hide files and by hiding your important files and folders easily within some seconds with the knowledge of any type of programming. 

Let’s have a look at the ways for hiding files like a pro with a rapid succession.


#1 Normal Folder Option

Windows provides some folder options with which we can hide our files and folders and this is the most common method we use until.


  •  Open My Computer from the Desktop or from anywhere else you are used to doing.
  • Now there is a organize option in the upper left side of the screen, go to Folder and search option. 
  • Here you will find a view tab and options for hiding your files.
  • You can simply hide your files by right clicking on them, properties and select Hidden. 
It is the basic and the simplest method till we used but has some problem with that, by again selecting the option of show hidden files from the folder option we have discussed above, the files will become vulnerable to the stalkers.

#2 Using Third-Party Tool

Now the second method comes by using any third party tool for hiding your secret files on windows or on any operating system. You can go to google and search for the tools which can do the job for you likewise folder hide and free hide folder. 
Just google that and you’ll find more of them and some of are very useful.

3. Using CMD – Complete Hide

Command Prompt is one of the first and powerful tools for Windows which can do various such things you can’t think of that. It is not much powerful as Unix or Linux but serves best for a windows guy, so here is the way you can hide your files completely, as we have said in the first method, the problem with the folder option.
So here the solution of that method, hide completely.
  • Open Command Prompt from the start menu or from the run or any way you like.
  • Now go to the location of your file you wanna hide or simply give the location in  Command   Prompt using the command cd. ( You can also use shift to open the cmd at any location)
  • Type this command: attrib +h +s +r “and the file name”
  • Now if even the show hidden folders in the folder option is enable your files will be hidden.
  • If you want to gain back your document, type: attrib -h -s -r “and the file name”
NOTE: Open cmd as “run as admin” always because some commands not work.
So, Thank You guys……, that’s it. These trick to hide files may be very helpful or just a knowldge gap. But these are very amazing hide files tricks. The first two ways to hide files are the normal one and you can find them anywhere else. But the third way is unique and you’ll not find it anywhere else.

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