Top 3 Awesome Facebook Status Tips and Tricks

Facebook is wonderful social media website. Facebook is great to keep you in touch with your friends. Sometimes when we over-use these websites we started to become bored of these features to remove this boring thing try the tricks below. Today I am here to provide you awesome Facebook status techniques.

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These techniques are very useful in Facebook status updates.

Top 3 Awesome Facebook Status Tips and Tricks

Let’s begin with Trick #1.

Trick #1

You can play this trick with your friends and you will see how your friends fall for it. You can play this trick with anyone.

To let you know the trick, First I will ask you a question.

What do you think about this URL? You will probably answer that it is the link to someone’s profile but to excite you this is not a Profile Link of anyone. This URL will take anyone logged in to Facebook account to their profile page. You can check out yourself by visiting the above link.

You can try this trick and surely your friends will fall for it. If you trying this trick be sure to remove the Facebook preview.

Trick #2

This trick will let you Tag people in your Status Updates. This feature was announced last year. It is already present in Twitter but introduced on Facebook recently.

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For example, if you want to name someone specifically in the status update then you will need this trick.

You can try this trick very easily. What you can do is after writing the status update you can add @ symbol and after this symbol type the letters of your friends profile name then you will see an auto-generated list of friends added to your Profile, click on the name of your friend you want to tag and hit Enter. The @ symbol will be removed and your friend’s name will be turned to blue which is the link.

The feature also works for Brand pages and Apps.

Trick #3

In Facebook when you update your status, you will only see Like option but if you want to increase this functionality. Status Magic is a great app, when you update your status using Status Magic then your friends will get the option to dislike your status.

Check out Status Magic. You need to give permissions to this app to post on your behalf.

Now in the Update, your Status box type your Status and in the Action type your action for example if you want to add dislike feature to the Status then type Dislike and hit Share.

Now check your Profile you will be amazed to see the Status with Dislike option.

That’s enough! If you have more awesome tricks for Facebook then please let us know and we will try to share your tricks on our blog.


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